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This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. Outlandish - Aicha
02. Mew - 156
03. Lene Marlin - You Weren´t There
04. Lene - It´s Your Duty
05. The Rasmus - In My Life
06. Bad Cash Quartet - Midnight Prayer
07. Beats & Styles - Dynamite
08. Carpark North - Transparant And Glasslike
09. Junior Senior - Rythm Bandits
10. Safri Duo - Fallin´ High
11. Killer - Naughty Boy
12. José Gonzalez - Heartbeats
13. Eagle-Eye Cherry - Skull Tattoo
14. Looptroop - Don´t Hate The Player
15. Da D.o.n.s - She Don´t Know My Game
16. The Raveonettes - That Great Love Sound
17. Whyte Seeds - So Alone
18. Paragon - Lev Ditt Liv
19. Da Buzz - Tonight (Is The Night)
20. Fattaru - Bättre

01. Mustasch - Black City
02. Broder Daniel - When We Were Winning
03. Paperboys - On The Low
04. AYA - Other Side
05. Kamera - Fragile

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This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. Outlandish - Aicha
02. Lene Marlin - You Weren´t There
03. The Rasmus - In My Life
04. Mew - 156
05. Bad Cash Quartet - Midnight Prayer
06. Junior Senior - Rythm Bandits
07. Carpark North - Transparant And Glasslike
08. Lene - It´s Your Duty
09. Beats & Styles - Dynamite
10. José Gonzalez - Heartbeats
11. Killer - Naughty Boy
12. Looptroop - Don´t Hate The Player
13. The Raveonettes - That Great Love Sound
14. Fattaru - Bättre
15. Eagle-Eye Cherry - Skull Tattoo
16. Da D.o.n.s - She Don´t Know My Game
17. Bertine Zetlitz - Twisted Little Star
18. Da Buzz - Tonight (Is The Night)
19. The Lost Patrol feat. Lisa Miskovsky - Alright
20. Nu - Any Other Girl

01. Safri Duo - Fallin´ High
02. Paragon - Lev Ditt Liv
03. Dub Sweden - Ice In My Fire
04. Whyte Seeds - So Alone
05. Racing Ape - Daddy's

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Paragon's new single and video is for the track "Lev Ditt Liv". The video was directed by Mauricio Molinari whose previous credits include Pauline, Fjärde Världen, Dirty Recipe and more.

Last Days of April's most recent album "Ascend to the Stars" just got a US release on Crank! Records this week and they've put up quite a few samples from the album on this page. Also, in cooperation with Now On Tour, they have an online contest where you can win a copy of said album along with a poster.

In case you didn't know, Entombed's new album "Inferno" has been delayed for August 4. It seems the reason behind the change is that their label Music for Nations's parent company Zomba was bought out by BMG and they had to shift the entire release schedule. Anyhow, they still have a couple gigs this summer and plan to start touring for the record around the same time it gets released. They'll also be filming a video for the track "Retaliation" later this week.

Opeth reports that their upcoming co-headlining tour with Porcupine Tree will feature their more mellow material, as they are supporting the new, mostly-acoustic "Damnation" album. They say they may even bust out the old song "To Bid You Farewell" from "Morningrise" among other ballad-esque tracks. In other touring news, they say they are working on a Scandinavian tour for October and November. Details when I get 'em.

The Ark will be playing Germany next week and their show on June 7 will be webcasted by Rockpalast. You can also participate in a live chat with the band on the same date from right here.

Musicbrigade and Startracks have put up a couple videos for public viewing:

Buck - Dead Time Race
Revolvo - Moscow Mule

JR Ewing has announced they will supporting Mars Volta for two UK gigs:

07/08 - Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
07/09 - Electric Ballroom, London

Some of the new acts confirmed for the upcoming Accelerator The Big One shows: Christian Kjellvander & Lazy Grace Frontier (Malmö), Franke (Gbg), Mattias Hellberg (Gbg), The Radio Dept. (Sthlm), and Komeda (Sthlm). has put up a bunch of new streaming video channels, including one for Northern Europe.

Also from, here's this week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. Turbonegro - Fuck The World
03. Outlandish - Guantanamo
04. A-Teens - Perfect Match
05. C21 - She Cries
06. Kashmir - Rocket Brothers
07. HIM - Funeral of hearts
08. The Cardigans - You´re The Storm
09. Her Majesty - F.U.N.E.R.A.L
10. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
11. Dallas Superstars - Fast Driving
12. Darude - Music
13. Equicez - Live From Pass It
14. Melody Club - Cover Girl
15. Jennifer Brown - Weak
16. Mando Diao - Sheepdog
17. Antique - Moro Mou
18. Jon - This Side Up
19. Kwan - Shine
20. Paragon - Försök Förstå

01. The Klerks - Shame
02. Da Buzz - Alive
03. The Narcissists - Fanatik R.I.P
04. De Stijl - Date Times
05. Grand Tone Music - Become Whatever

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Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. Carola - Guld platina & passion - det bästa
02. Da Buzz - More than alive
03. Robert Wells - Rhapsody in rock the complete collection
04. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
05. Tommy Körberg - Gränslös - det bästa med
06. Alcazar - Alcazarized
07. Style, Sandelin & Ekman, Freestyle - Samlade hits
08. Her Majesty - Happiness
09. Moneybrother - Blood panic
10. v/a - Fame Factory volym 5
11. Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt - Den andra skivan
12. Timbuktu - The botten is nådd!
13. Fame - Give me your love
14. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
15. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
16. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
17. Eddie Meduza - Live(s)!
18. Martin Nilsson - En del av mig
19. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
20. Jill Johnson - Discography interviews Burst, who they call "one of the best new bands of 2004." As mentioned here recently, Burst features bassist Jesper Liveröd who just quit Nasum to focus more time on this band. Their second forthcoming album "Prey On Life" apparently was recently picked up by Relapse Records in the US and comes out sometime this fall.

Check out some sample mp3s and video from Bobby's new album "Romantic & Bleeding", out now on Imperial Recordings.

Drummer Henry Ranta has left Soilwork in order to dedicate more time to his personal life. The band's statement:

"After playing in Soilwork for five years, our dear friend and drummer Henry Ranta has decided that he can no longer continue to play in Soilwork. There are no hard feelings between Henry and us in any way, and we will still remain amazing friends, he will always be a true Soilworker. We wish him all the best of luck with his decision and we're sure we'll cross paths again in the future!"

And Henry's own personal statement:

"I guess this is supposed to be a statement of why and when I decided to leave Soilwork, but since this is a well thought out decision (not an easy one though) I will try and keep away from the sentimental 'bullshit' and just focus on the hard facts. Combining my daytime job, rehearsing, recording and touring with Soilwork has basically worn me out. This didn't really make a difference the first couple of years in Soilwork, but as time went on I started digging a black hole for myself. For the past two years I haven't really found any joy playing, and with all the tours coming up this year I felt that it was time for me to leave. Playing in Soilwork has been my life 24/7 for five years now, and at one point last year, I started to open my eyes to a lot of things that has been neglecting, just because I had been to concentrated on one thing only. Basically I'm gonna start investing more time in things that are making me happy right now. I'll take a peek at the other side, and I'm pretty sure that I'll enjoy what I'll find. But you're not gonna get rid of me yet though. It's not like I'm gonna stop playing drums. You will still hear me fucking shit up in The Defaced [his other band w/Darkane guitarist Klas Idebergand] other projects. A really big thanks to all Soilwork fans for amazing support throughout years — Love ya all! Finally I would like to say a big fucking 'hell yeah' to the band for five beautiful years of insanity."

Force of Evil has posted a couple new mp3s online: "Hell on Earth" / "Eye of the Storm". The band features in its ranks ex- and current Mercyful Fate members Michael Denner, Hank Shermann (both on guitar), Bjarne Holm (drums), Hal Patino from King Diamond's band (bass), and Martin Steene from Ironfire (vocals). Their as-yet untitled album is due out later this month on an unspecified label and they promise it will be "loaded with evil-riffing and lots of guitar solos." Dude.

Here's Christian Kjellvander's latest updated tour schedule:

06/05 - Eskilstuna, Strömsholmen
06/14 - Hultsfred, Hultsfredsfestival
06/26-29 - Roskilde (Denmark), Roskildefestival
07/01 - Malmö, Accelerator The Big One
07/19 - Skellefteå, Trästock
07/26 - Ängelholm, Tullakrok (solo)
07/30 - Strömstad, The Cod
08/07 - Emmaboda, Emmaboda-festival
08/09 - Göteborg, Göteborgskalaset

Askil Holm has enlisted Daniel Hovik as a new member for his backing band on keyboards. Daniel used to play with Askil in the band Attack and also currently plays with Hugo, who will be playing at the upcoming Kristiansand show too. The rest of the band's dates going into fall:

06/05 - Tønsberg, Event
06/07 - Isle of Jøa, Faksdal Pub
06/13 - Rockstock, Rakkestad
06/28 - "Agent Cody Banks" Premiere, Fredrikstad
06/30 - Kristiansand, Quart - Kick Off, Markens
07/10 - Høylandet, Høylandet Revyfestival
07/12 - Stavern Festivalen
07/19 - Tjøme, Gamle Ormelet (unplugged)
07/26 - Etne, Fugl Fønix
08/07 - SU Leir, Tvedestrand
08/08 - Steinkjer Martnan, Torget
08/15 - Namsos Martnan, Festplassen
08/27 - Steinkjer, Studenten
09/04 - Bergen, Kvarteret
09/12 - Stjørdal, Hell Bluesfestival
09/19 - Verdal, Catz

Trapdoor Fucking Exit has put up the video for the song "Short Term Investment", recorded live at Umeå Punkfest in 2001. Check it out.

Amulet recently filmed a video for the single "Breaking News". They say it "involves a low key gig at an abandoned house and a deathdefying girl in a van who brings terror to the city of Oslo." I'll let you know if they post in online.

Turbonegro's complete festival schedule for the summer:

06/02 - Flippaut festival, Bologna, Italy
06/05 - Ruisrock, Turku, Finland
06/12 - Hultsfred Festival Hultsfred, Sweden
06/20 - Kick off Festival, Wiesen, Austria
06/21 - Southside Festival, Neuhausen, Germany
06/22 - Hurricane Festival, Schlessel, Germany
06/27 - Roskilde Festival, Denmark
06/28 - Open Air, St Gallen, Switzerland
07/05 - London, Meanfiddler (clubshow) UK
07/12 - T in the Park, Kinross, Scotland, UK
08/07 - Nordland Musikkfestukke, Bodö, Norway
08/08 - Öya festivalen, Oslo Norway
08/09 - Wrightegaarden, Langesund, Norway
08/23 - Reading Festival, Reading UK
08/24 - Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK

This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. Outlandish - Guantanamo
03. A-Teens - Perfect Match
04. Her Majesty - F.U.N.E.R.A.L
05. Jennifer Brown - Weak
06. HIM - Funeral of hearts
07. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
08. The Cardigans - You´re The Storm
09. Melody Club - Cover Girl
10. Darude - Music
11. Mew - Comforting Sounds
12. Kwan - Shine
13. Equicez - Live From Pass It
14. Bertine Zetlitz - Girl Like You
15. Elin Sigvardsson - Where To Start
16. Timbuktu - Ett Brev
17. Paragon - Försök Förstå
18. Pauline - Runnin´ Out Of Gaz
19. Surferosa - Neon Commando
20. Homy - Bus Stop

01. Jon - This Side Up
02. Antique - Moro Mou
03. Fireside - All You Had
04. The Concretes - You Can´t Hurry Love
05. Kamera - At Work
06. C21 - She Cries

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Labrador Records is now distributed by Mortes Nois in Estonia. For more info email

Dolores Records has announced they will be releasing a limited edition CD single for the new supergroup Vanessa and the O's on June 10. The band features ex-members of Popsicle along with James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins and is described as electronic pop in French. Crazy, eh? More info soon.

Bad Taste Records is the label of the month over at the Danish radio program New Rocking Sounds which airs Tuesdays at 8pm on 93.7 in Århus. They'll be interviewing Last Days of April, Logh and various others from the roster along with playng tunes from said bands. Be sure to check it out or wait for the clips to hit the online archives.

Listen to "Mattias Alkbergs Begravning" from Planekonomi, another band featuring Mattias from Bear Quartet. More info here. Look for 2 EPs this fall and a full-length sometime next year.

One of my pals over at reviews the new Flaming Sideburns album today.

"No one has satisfactorily explained why a country of 4.5 million generates so much music: is it the dark winters? Subsidised music lessons? Rubbish TV?" - John Bungey, The Times (UK)

Norweigan music appears to be making quite a few headways beyond their borders as evidenced in this article from MIC Norway. Turbonegro and Jaga Jazzist might be the first names to come to mind for most folk, but now there's also Beady Belle, Tord Gustavsen, Per Arne Glorvigen, and St. Thomas to pay attention to.

Johnny Bråttom Records will be holding a record release show on May 30 at Kulturkammaren in Norrköping for their forthcoming "Svensk Populärmusik Volym Två" compilation. The bands scheduled to appear are Slagsmålsklubben, recent Dolores-signees Cdoass, Bremen Brotröster GmbH, Björn Kleinhenz, and The Flu. As for the tracklisting of said comp, it is as follows:

01. Cdoass - The Box
02. Niccokick - Run, Run, Run
03. Björn Kleinhenz - How Long Is The Night?
04. Slagsmålsklubben - Filter Fabric Facts (DJ Upperkurt Instrumental Remix)
05. Idiot Savants - Daily Routine
06. Music 77 - Kameror
07. Pete Thompson - Folk Song
08. Lola Barbershop - Ticket To Happiness
09. The Kid - Baton Rouge
10. Junip - Turn To The Assassin
11. The Topeka Twins - Hunting Song
12. Menteroja - Call Me
13. Bremen Brotröster GmbH - Greater/Better
14. The Flu - Golden Hair
15. Celestine - Sunflower
16. José González - Heartbeats
17. Café Polymorf - A Good Time
18. Quit Your Dayjob - Pissing On A Panda
19. Joni - Frank Xerox
20. Ane Brun - Are They Saying Goodbye?
21. Sandy Mouche - A Year

Aftonbladet reports that famed Swedish videomaker Jonas Åkerlund is working with Blondie on the single "Good Boys" in LA. The new album ""The Curse of Blondie" comes out around September or October. Åkerlund's previous credits include artists such as Satyricon, Madonna, Metallica and The Prodigy.

This new album will be 'harder' than the previous one and more guitars. To sum it up: a groovier album!

That's Peter Tägtgren of Pain describing work on the new album. He says he's already finished all of the backing music along with five of the thirteen vocal tracks and should be able to have it out sometime this fall on Stockholm Records.

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. Robert Wells - Rhapsody in rock the complete collection
02. Alcazar - Alcazarized
03. Eddie Meduza - Live(s)!
04. v/a - Fame Factory volym 5
05. Moneybrother - Blood panic
06. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
07. Timbuktu - The botten is nådd!
08. Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt - Den andra skivan
09. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
10. Jill Johnson - Discography
11. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
12. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
13. Antique - Blue love
14. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
15. Monia - Söderns hjärtas ros
16. Siw Malmkvist - Siws bästa
17. Elin Sigvardsson - Saturday light naive
18. Simson Dupont - Simson Dupont
19. Fame - Give me your love
20. The Sounds - Living in America

Tomas Ledin is going on tour in support of his new live album "I Sommarnattens Ljus" which comes out on June 2. The dates so far:

07/08 - Öja Slott, Öja
07/19 - Bergs Slussar, Linköping
08/03 - Stadsparken, Örebro

The lineup for Sommarrock, which takes place July 10-12 in Svedala, Sweden: Mikael Wiehe, Bubbles, Joddla w/Siv, Advance Patrol, The Ark, Danne Stråhed, Häjkån Bäjkån Band, The Mo and Di Leva.

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (01) Badly Drawn Boy "All Possibilities"
02. (NY) Grandaddy "Now It's On"
03. (NY) Timbuktu "The Bottom Is Nådd!"
04. (04) The Postal Service "Such Great Heights"
05. (NY) The Cardigans "You're the Storm"
06. (03) Dave Gahan "Dirty Sticky Floors"
07. (05) The White Stripes "7 Nation Army"
08. (NY) Placebo "This Picture"
09. (NY) Mando Diao "Sheepdog"
10. (02) Bad Cash Quartet "Dirty Days"
11. (17) The Donnas "Who Invited You"
12. (14) The Black Keys "Hard Row"
13. (09) The Raveonettes "Beat City"
14. (06) Christian Kjellvander "Homeward Rolling Soldier"
15. (15) Moloko "Forever More"
16. (NY) Tricky "Antimatter"
17. (NY) The Thrills "Big Sur"
18. (ÅT) Miss Universum "Fertilize"
19. (07) Dada Flair Ft. Christian Dohber "Freedom"
20. (08) Gusto "Guns in the Ghetto"

Leaving the chart:
(10) Randy "A Man in Uniform"
(11) Solomon Burke "Soul Searching"
(12) Fireside "All You Had"
(13) Magnus Carlson "Jag ber dig"
(16) Queens Of The Stone Age "Go With The Flow"
(18) The Go-Betweens "Caroline and I"
(19) David & The Citizens "New Direction"
(20) Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"

The full details for Finland's Koneisto Festival has been released. Some of the artists scheduled to appear include Björn Torske, Ralph Myerz & Jack Herren Band, Erlend Oye (acoustic set + "magnificent singing DJ set"), Datarock, Jori Hulkkonen, Rinneradio (feat. Dj Slow, Siiri Nordin and MC Paleface) among many others. The acclaimed electronic music festival was the first of its type for all of Scandinavia and the selection of performers "seeks to establish an interesting balance between commercial and experimental music" over the event's 9 stages. It all goes down in Helsinki from July 25-27 and more info can be found from the fest's official website.

Blabbermouth reports that HIM will be touring Europe in support of Ozzy Osbourne and Godsmack this September. I'll keep you posted.

CD Maxi
01. You're The Storm
02. Hold Me
03. You're The Storm (Sandkvie Session)
04. You're The Storm (El Cortijo Session)

Outbreak will be having a record release show at Etrea in Eskilstuna, Sweden on May 22. The new album "Information Overload" comes out May 26 on Rockstar Records and you can download a couple preview tracks here. Crystal Committee and The Sound OE will also play.

The complete program for Norway's Norwegian Wood festival has been released. Check it:

07/12 - Number Seven Deli, Dandy Warhols, Counting Crows
07/13 - The Rasmus, The Sounds, Linkin Park
07/14 - Dadafon, Jim Stärk, Tom McRae, Ricochets, Dum Dum Boys
07/15 - Fireside, Skin, Gåte, Hellacopters, Audioslave

Read this for more information, band links, the Underwood schedule and tickets.

Göteborg rock band The Mugshots recently put up a new website along with a bunch of mp3s for you to download.

In honor of the French holiday Fete de la Musique comes the Stockholm Musikfest this weekend. Scheduled to appear are Charlie's Magazine, Kajsa Grytt, David Lindh & Hail Marys, Evolver, Jamie Meyer, Paragon, Ison & Fille, Parker, The Sonnets and much more. Admission is free.

Some of the new bands added to the Augustibuller lineup: Fireside, Gusto, Surferosa, Paris, Stabb, Sweet Addiction, Kingston Airforce and Outbreak.

There's going to be a new, small rock fest on July 5 in Kalmar, Sweden called the Slammerfestival featuring 69-Hard headlining along with The Nifters, The Stuckups, The Ghoulies and more.

Wolf has booked time at Abyss Studios with producer/engineer Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy) beginning on June 18 to record their third album. They expect to have it out around October on No Fashion Records.

I fixed a typo in one of the Madrugada mp3 links. Sorry about that. They should all work okay now.

Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg will be holding a club three times a week all summer long called, ahem, Sommarklubben. Besides the usual DJs spinning there will also be live music. Scheduled so far:

06/06 - Royal Beat Conspiracy, Sparks of Seven
06/28 - Shout Out Louds, Homy
07/12 - David & the Citizens

More info when I get it.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy report that they are featured on a DJ Spooky mix that comes with the latest edition of Adbusters Magazine. Other artists including on the comp include Fugazi, Bad Brains, Sun Ra, and Public Enemy so check it out.

More entries on the ongoing media blitzkrieg from The Sounds - here's a number of upcoming American TV appearances they have scheduled:

05/22 - Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC, recorded in Las Vegas last week
05/26 - The View on ABC
TBA - Subterranean on MTV, more info to come

The Hellacopters have published their complete summer tour schedule:

05/31 - Donigton (GB) Download
06/07 - Nurburgring (D) Rock Am Ring
06/08 - Nurnberg (D) Rock Im Park
06/13 - Hultsfred (S) Hultsfredsfestivalen
06/14 - Berlin (D) Berlinova
06/15 - Oslo (N) Norwegian Wood
06/21 - Scheessel (D) Hurricane
06/22 - Neuhausen OE (D) Southside
06/27 - Kiruna (S) Kirunafestivalen
06/28 - Bonn (D) Rheinkultur
06/29 - Roskilde (DK) Roskildefestival
07/04 - Oulo (SF) Oluoln Yöt
07/05 - Turku (SF) Ruisrock
07/16 - Helsinki (SF) Olympiastadion w/The Rolling Stones
07/22 - Stockholm (S) Cirkus w/The Rolling Stones
08/02 - Korso (SF) Ankarock
08/30 - Jerez / Cadiz (ESP) Serie Z
09/12 - Stockholm (S) Gröna Lund
09/13 - Vitoria Gasteiz (ESP) Azkena

Burning Heart's latest signees Sparks of Seven have finally updated their website.

This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. A-Teens - Perfect Match
03. Outlandish - Guantanamo
04. HIM - Funeral of hearts
05. Darude - Music
06. Jennifer Brown - Weak
07. Kwan - Shine
08. Mew - Comforting Sounds
09. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
10. Equicez - Live From Pass It
11. Melody Club - Cover Girl
12. Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck - One Good Moment
13. Timbuktu - Ett Brev
14. Bertine Zetlitz - Girl Like You
15. The Jessica Fletchers - Let´s Go
16. Paragon - Försök Förstå
17. Surferosa - Neon Commando
18. Moon Gringo - Buzz Aldrin
19. Homy - Bus Stop
20. Pauline - Runnin´ Out Of Gaz

01. D-Coy feat. Acorn - I´ll Be There
02. The Cardigans - You´re The Storm
03. Charlie´s Magazine - Something That I Missed
04. Her Majesty - F.U.N.E.R.A.L
05. Elin Sigvardsson - Where To Start

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Project-X will be having a record release show on May 31 for their new album "Modus Operandi" at Ground Zero in Växjö.

Here's the lineup for the 5th Fucking North Pole Festival which takes place over the next three days in Tromsø, Norway.

5/15 @ Driv: Amulet (Oslo), Turdus Musicus (Tromsø), Dominic (Bodø)
5/16 @ Driv: Misvær Ska Forening (Bodø), Lame Ducks (Oslo), Square (SWE)
5/16 @ Tvibit: Gatas Parlament (Oslo), Amulet (Oslo), Drunk (Oslo), Turdus Musicus (Tromsø)
5/17 @ Driv: DK (US), Os Replicantes (Brasil), Drunk (Oslo)
5/18 @ Driv: Mohammed(Horten), Los Fastidios (Italia), Nikkeby Lufthavn (Tromsø)

FNPF is the biggest independent rock festival in northern Norway and takes place twice a year. The next occurance is scheduled for sometime around September/October. More info here.

The German Phono Academy recently awarded Norway's Midnight Choir with a best album award in the rock/pop category for the album "Waiting for the Bricks to Fall". The award is given every quarter by "key industry representatives and respected music journalists" and qualifies the band for the album of the year competition.

This year's Nordic Council Music Award will be granted to an ethnic music artist. The nominees who will be competing for the 47k EUR prize:

Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra (DK)
Outlandish (DK)
Kimmo Pohjonen (FIN)
Gjallarhorn (FIN)
Kári Sverrisson (Faroe Islands)
Sigurður Flosason and Pétur Grétarsson (Iceland)
Steindór Andersen, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and Sigur Rós (Iceland)
Mari Boine (NOR)
Solo Cissokho (NOR)
Ellika Frisell (SWE)
Ziya Aytekin (SWE)
Anna Thastum Kuitse (Greenland)

Read more. Previous winners of the prestigious award have been Sunleif Rasmussen (2002), Palle Mikkelborg (2001), and Kaija Saariaho (2000).

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. Robert Wells - Rhapsody in rock the complete collection
02. v/a - Fame Factory volym 5
03. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
04. Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt - Den andra skivan
05. Timbuktu - The botten is nådd!
06. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
07. Simson Dupont - Simson Dupont
08. Jill Johnson - Discography
09. Antique - Blue love
10. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
11. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
12. Moneybrother - Blood panic
13. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
14. Siw Malmkvist - Siws bästa
15. Elin Sigvardsson - Saturday light naive
16. Gloria - People like you and me
17. The Refreshments - On the rocks
18. Roxette - The pop hits
19. The Sounds - Living in America
20. Mauro Scocco - Beat hotel

Aftonbladet has also published a short article discussing Magnus Carlson's (of the Weeping Willows) forthcoming solo album that he collaborated with Eggstone and film director Lukas Moodysson on. The record is called "Ett Kungarike För En Kram" and it hits stores on June 30. (in Swedish)

The Ark, Dom Galna Hundarna, The Narcissists, Shout Out Louds, Lola Barbershop and P-Danielsa are among the groups now confirmed for the Storsjöyran fest happening in Östersund this summer.

The guys from Looptroop are all hard at work on new projects. Promoe is in the process of doing a new solo album with a single to come in June. The other two guys, Cosmic and Embee aka Casual Brothers, have a new EP that also comes out in June that features a guest appearance by Christian Kjellvander of all people.

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (01) Badly Drawn Boy "All Possibilities"
02. (02) Bad Cash Quartet "Dirty Days"
03. (03) Dave Gahan "Dirty Sticky Floors"
04. (NY) The Postal Service "Such Great Heights"
05. (04) The White Stripes "7 Nation Army"
06. (06) Christian Kjellvander "Homeward Rolling Soldier"
07. (NY) Dada Flair Ft. Christian Dohbler "Freedom"
08. (NY) Gusto "Guns in the Ghetto"
09. (11) The Raveonettes "Beat City"
10. (08) Randy "A Man in a Uniform"
11. (NY) Solomon Burke "Soul Searching"
12. (05) Fireside "All You Had"
13. (10) Magnus Carlson "Jag ber dig"
14. (NY) The Black Keys "Hard Row"
15. (NY) Moloko "Forever More"
16. (16) Queens of the Stone Age "Go with the Flow"
17. (NY) The Donnas "Who Invited You"
18. (NY) The Go-Betweens "Caroline And I"
19. (20) David & The Citizens "New Direction"
20. (ÅT) Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"

Leaving the chart:
(07) N.E.R.D. "Things Are Getting Better"
(09) Miss Universum "Fertilize"
(12) Millenia Nova Ft. Iggy Pop "Rockicide"
(13) The Knife "You Take My Breath Away"
(14) Radiohead "There There"
(15) Florence Valentin "Allt dom bygger upp ska vi meja ner"
(17) Ed Harcourt "Watching the Sun Come Up"
(18) Audio Bullys "The Things"
(19) Zwan "Lyric"

The Dandelions have added one more date to their upcoming London tour. The full itinerary is now as follows:

05/22 - Gaz's Rockin' Blues
05/23 - Dragon Bar
05/24 - Cobden Club
05/26 - The Beachclub at Notting Hill Arts Club (new)
05/27 - Eyelash at Pop

Lullacry and Naglfar have both announced that they will be making their US debuts at this year's Milwaukee Metalfest which takes place July 25-26. The new Lullacry single "Alright Tonight" comes out May 23 on Spikefarm Records and Naglfar's latest album "Sheol" came out last month.

Fresh from the rumor mill is news that Last Days of April will indeed be heading over to America to promote the US release of "Ascend to the Stars" on Crank! Records. No exact dates yet, but I'm hearing they'll be doing something like six weeks, so they'll be sure to play nearly everwhere. More news when I get it.

Scratchie Records recently relaunched their website including a page dedicated to their darlings The Sounds. And in case you didn't know, the band cancelled those rumored headlining gigs they had scheduled before their upcoming Ravonettes/Vue jaunt. Oh, and Rolling Stone recently did a feature on the band, too.

Hell n' Diesel will be holding a release party at Timmerstugan in Falköping on May 30 for their new single "Tears for the Wicked".

Mean Street Magazine recently did a short interview with Sahara Hotnights. They also did a feature on TSOOL for last month's Coachella fest issue.

Some of the recent Norweigan bands added to the Quart festival lineup: Tonka, Gaute Drevdal, Bjørn Berge, Panzer, Splitimage, and Guardians of Time.

The Gatethering recently released "You Learn About It", the first single from their newest album "Souvenirs". They also did a video for the song with 13-year old director Tim Blok. Apparently, he's the youngest music video director ever which is kind of cool, I guess. Anyhow, fans of atmospheric rock music should definitely investigate the album. I know I'm really enjoying it.

America's The End Records has announced that it will reissue a remastered version of Ulver's first demo "Vergtatt" (or isn't it "Bergtatt"? not sure if it's a typo) on 10" vinyl. They'll also be doing quite a few other great releases in this new series which they are dubbing 'Infinite Vinyl' such as "Tommorrow Will Never Come", a 7" from Agalloch that will include two unreleased acoustic tracks from the original "The Mantle" sessions. The full list of scheduled releases so far:

IVS 001 Agalloch - Tomorrow Will Never Come 7"
IVS 002 Ulver - Vergtatt 10"
IVS 003 Katatonia - Viva Emptiness
IVS 004 Emperor - As The Shadows Rise 7"
IVS 005 Samael - Blood Ritual
IVS 006 Arcturus - Constellation / My Angel 10"
IVS 007 Katatonia - Saw You Drawn 10"

The Swedish MIC reports that Swedes seem to prefer their own domestically-produced music versus international imports. The latest charts show a 54% dominance in albums and 52% in singles and that data is significant of a trend that has been ongoing all year.

Moneybrother's new album has been generating all sorts of positive reviews, such as this one from Aftonbladet and yesterday's Dagensskiva review. Personally, I think the single ("Reconsider Me") is fantastic, but I'm not sold on the entire album just yet. Anyway, it's up to you to decide for yourself. Aftonbladet has a couple sound samples for you to hear, too.

This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. HIM - Funeral of hearts
03. Outlandish - Guantanamo
04. A-Teens - Perfect Match
05. Jennifer Brown - Weak
06. Darude - Music
07. Kwan - Shine
08. Equicez - Live From Pass It
09. Mew - Comforting Sounds
10. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
11. Paragon - Försök Förstå
12. The Jessica Fletchers - Let´s Go
13. Timbuktu - Ett Brev
14. Kashmir - Surfing The Warm Industry
15. Moon Gringo - Buzz Aldrin
16. Nik & Jay - Elsker Hende Mere
17. Bertine Zetlitz - Girl Like You
18. Surferosa - Neon Commando
19. Melody Club - Cover Girl
20. Pauline - Runnin´ Out Of Gaz

01. Homy - Bus Stop
02. Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck - One Good Moment
03. Magnet - The Day We Left Town
04. Monastir - Teenage Years
05. Stephen Simmonds & Dilba - For Father

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Here's something interesting that came to me by way of the pHinnweb list: Streaming Internet radio featuring all sorts of various Scandinavian artists + more. Very cool.

Speaking of yesterday's Cdoass signing news, it has been pointed out to me that they used to be a demowebben band. Check out some old tracks from the band right here.

Finland's Amorphis has completed work on a video for the song "Evil Inside", their first single from the upcoming album "Far From The Sun". Taku Kaskela directed. The record comes out in Scandinavia on May 26 from Virgin Records and you can listen to streamed versions of a couple from their web jukebox, located here.

Did you realize that Turbonegro's new album "Scandinavian Leather" went straight to #1 on the Norweigan charts, selling twice as many copies as Madonna's "American Life" at #2? Pretty crazy, eh? They also added one more date to their current tour itinerary: May 30 in Fredrikstad, Norway. For those still unfamiliar with the band, perhaps this e-card will help.

Watch the new video for "On the 54" from The Dandelions right here.

This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. HIM - Funeral of hearts
02. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
03. A-Teens - Perfect Match
04. Kashmir - Surfing The Warm Industry
05. The Sounds - Rock n´ Roll
06. Mew - Comforting Sounds
07. Kwan - Shine
08. Jennifer Brown - Weak
09. Surferosa - Neon Commando
10. Melody Club - Cover Girl
11. Moon Gringo - Buzz Aldrin
12. Bertine Zetlitz - Girl Like You
13. Whyte Seeds - Slow motions
14. Dub Sweden - Walk Me Home
15. Timbuktu - Ett Brev
16. Empire Dogs - The Dogs
17. Nik & Jay - Elsker Hende Mere
18. The Cardigans - For What It´s Worth
19. Equicez - Live From Pass It
20. Pauline - Runnin´ Out Of Gaz

01. The Jessica Fletchers - Let´s Go
02. Darude - Music
03. Outlandish - Guantanamo
04. K Ragnstam - Perfect Vacation
05. Paragon - Försök Förstå

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Kamera has announced a bunch of new dates for the summer:

05/30 - Fredriksta (NOR)
05/31 - Oslo (NOR), So What
06/01 - Västerås
06/02 - Stockholm, Debaser
06/03 - Jönköping
06/04 - Göteborg, Nefertiti
06/05 - Halmstad
06/06 - Linköping, Platens Bar
06/07 - Karlstad, Arena
06/26-29 - Skellefteå, Skellefteåfestivalen
07/05 - Sundsvall, Gatufesten
07/10 - Arvika, Arvikafestivalen
07/04-12 - Visby, ZTV Sommarstad Gotland
07/13 - Malta
07/19 - Torquay (GB)
07/20 - Brighton (GB)
07/23 - Åland, Rock Off Festival (tbc)
08/08 - Norrköping, Karnevalen

Pitchforkmedia reviews the American release of "C'mon Let's Pretend" from the Sahara Hotnights. Whaddya know? They actually like it.

Moonbabies have got a couple gigs lined up:

05/02 - Fredericia, Ungdomens hus w/The Violet Hour
05/03 - Copenhagen, Huset w/The Violet Hour

Reports are coming in on the big concert yesterday at Gröna Lund with Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Ark and Mando Diao: / Dagens Nyheter / Expressen

In other Mando Diao news, the band has reportedly fired organist Daniel Haglund. Haglund was apparently taking time off to spend time with his family and was given the news when he tried to return.

And the Sound is saying that Niklas and Thomas from Him Kerosene are rumored to be starting a new band. Nothing's confirmed yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. The Cardigans - Long gone before daylight
02. Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt - Den andra skivan
03. v/a - Fame Factory volym 4
04. Lars Winnerbäck och Hovet - Söndermarken
05. Lisa Nilsson - Samlade sånger 1992-2003
06. Jill Johnson - Discography
07. Timbuktu - The botten is nådd!
08. Cornelis Vreeswijk - Cornelis Vreeswijks bästa
09. Elin Sigvardsson - Saturday light naive
10. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
11. Mauro Scocco - Beat hotel
12. Lasse Tennander - Därifrånochhit sånger 1974-2003
13. The Refreshments - On the rocks
14. Antique - Blue love
15. Siw Malmkvist - Siws bästa
16. Roxette - The pop hits
17. The Knife - Deep Cuts
18. Magnus Uggla - Klassiska mästerverk
19. Robyn - Don´t stop the music
20. Dilba - Revolution

More from Aftonbladet: An article on Marie Fredriksson's (Roxette) recovery from brain surgery.

Don't forget to download the new free Soviac single today. Check it. The song is called "Boogie Woogie" and it's taken from the upcoming album "Triology Sexlife Rodeo Friscotti" due out later this fall.

Some metal gossip for y'all: Michael Amott of Arch Enemy has revealed that he is indeed romantically involved with frontwoman Angela Gossow. Here's a short response from Angela on the subject. Personally, I could care less, but I guess lots of uptight heshers are upset as evidenced by the comments. Whatever.

"It's Finnish, it's fucked, and it's also of historical import." SF's Aquarius Records has made the comp "Arktinen Hysteria: Suomi-Avantgarden Esipuutarhureita" one of its records of the week. Check out their site for reviews, samples, and mailorder info. Also covered: Ved Buens Ende, 1349 Rykkin, Eturivi and more.

Logh is starting to put together plans for a headlining Scandinavian tour. Here's the dates so far:

5/18 - NOR Porsgrunn, Rockeklubben
5/19 - NOR Oslo, Mono
5/24 - SWE Stockholm, Debaser
6/5 - FIN Turku (Åbo), Elohopeaklubi (Down By The Laituri Festival)

Don't forget their remaining dates with Fireside, too. The new EP "Contractor and the Assassin" comes out May 5 with the full-length album "The Raging Sun" to follow later that month. More info and cover art pics on Logh's site.

Opeth has posted a number of pics from the "Deliverance" and "Damnation" recording sessions. Pretty cool.

Samon & Rourke reviews a couple demos including Ellis The Vacuumchild, whose members include Joel Borg, now also playing bass with my pals KVLR. Mp3s are there for downloading, too. has put up a couple tunes for you to preview from Paragon and Ison & Fille. Check it.

The Japanese version of "Someone New" from Eskobar was released last week. It was done together with the Japanese band Natural High. More info. The band is also scheduled to play the Paléo Festival Nyon in Switzerland on July 26. Tickets go on sale April 29 and can be had from here.

As stated here before, Sahara Hotnights are coming back to the US for a full tour and this time with a full media blitz. We're talking TV appearances, new singles ("Keep Up the Speed"), a US release of the first (and better) album "C'mon Let's Pretend" on April 8... pretty much the works. Here's those tv dates:

2/17 - Last Call with Carson Daly
2/28 - IMX on Much Music USA
3/2 - 120 Minutes on MTV
4/10 - Late Night with Conan O'Brien

And those tour dates again, all except SXSW with Ikara Colt and Washdown:

2/27 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
2/28 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's
3/01 - Philadelphia, PA - North Star
3/02 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
3/03 - Richmond, VA - Alley Katz
3/04 - Chapel Hill, NC - Cat's Cradle
3/05 - Atlanta, GA - Echo Lounge
3/06 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits
3/07 - Orlando, FL - The Social w/Andrew WK
3/08 - Tampa, FL - Orpheum
3/10 - New Orleans, LA - Shim Sham Club
3/11 - Los Angeles, CA - Cinespace (Down & Out with the Dolls movie premier party)
3/13 - Austin, TX - The Ritz SXSW w/Stratford 4, Flaming Sideburns
3/14 - Austin, TX - Stubbs SXSW: SPIN party w/Hot Hot Heat, Black Keys, D4
3/15 - Dallas, TX - Trees
3/16 - Oklahoma City, OK - The Green Door
3/17 - Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad
3/18 - Phoenix, AZ - Mason Jar
3/19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy
3/20 - Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy
3/21 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
3/22 - Portland, OR - Dante's
3/23 - Vancouver, BC - The Royal
3/24 - Seattle, WA - Graceland
3/26 - Salt Lake City, UT - Liquid Joes
3/27 - Denver, CO - Climax Lounge
3/28 - Kansas City, MO - El Torreon
3/29 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
3/30 - Chicago, IL - The Metro w/Rocket from the Crypt
3/31 - Detroit, MI - The Shelter
4/01 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
4/02 - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place
4/03 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
4/04 - Montreal, QC - Petit Campus
4/05 - Boston, MA - TT the Bears

Dismember has confirmed that Dan Seagrve will doing the artwork for the new album "Where Ironcrosses Grow", due out in September on Hammerheart. The artist's previous credits include covers for Entombed, Morbid Angel, Suffocation and the first Dismember album.

The Klerks will doing some acoustic in-store appearances at the beginning of March:

3/1 - Mega Hertz Jönköping
3/5 - Folk & Rock Malmö
3/5 - Folk & Rock Lund
3/6 - Folk & Rock Helsingborg
3/7 - Bengans Göteborg
3/8 - Music Store Linköping

Starting in March, Promopop will begin doing a monthly CD-R feature. Find out more. (in Swedish)

This week's MTV Up North Nordic video chart:

01. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
02. The Cardigans - For What It´s Worth
03. The Raveonettes - Attack Of The Ghostriders
04. User - You Belong
05. St. Thomas -Long, Long Time
06. Blues - Gamla Tider
07. Caesars Palace - Candy Kane
08. Paperboys - Find My Way
09. Winta - Emotions

01. Grant - Just The Thing
02. C21 - You Are The One
03. Darcy - False Alarm
04. Firevision - Stars
05. Sahara Hotnights - Alright, Alright

Go to the site to watch and vote for your favorite.

Labrador Records reports they've just signed the band Wan Light. The band's name comes from the first Orange Juice album, but they say the comparison ends there. Rather, they say they sound a bit more like Neil Young, Pet Shop Boys, Momus or Mercury Rev. Look for a single in May, an album to follow in the autumn. Otherwise, you can listen to samples here. (see the bottom of the page)

Download an mp3 for the track "The Sadist Nation" from the upcoming Darkest Hour album, due out in May on Victory Records. The song features a guest appearance from ex-At The Gates/The Crown and current Great Deceiver/Skitsystem frontman Tomas Lindberg. Also making guest contributions to the album are Anders Björler (At the Gates, The Haunted), Peter Wichers (Soilwork) and Marcus Sunesson (The Crown). So you know, Darkest Hour themselves are from Virginia, not Sweden.

Paragon's new single for the track "Försök Förstå" comes out soon. It's the first single from the upcoming debut album "Stadsbarn" and was produced by Collén & Webb. The b-side is "D Så Vi Gör" which features a guest appearance by Sabo from Highwon.

The new Ison & Fille single "Vår Värld" comes out March 10. It's the third single from the album "Vår Sida Av Stan". The CD also will include four tracks from the vinyl-only "Tillbaka Till Gatan" EP which came out last November

Christian Kjellvander has been added to the bill for Emmaboda fest along with Her Majesty, The Essex Green (US), Florence Valentin, Hank, Niccokick and Magyar Posse (SF).

Marit Bergman to hold a rock summer camp at Hultsfred fest? Yep, for girls between 10 and 14 years old she says. And why not? I think that's a pretty darn cool idea myself. Read more here. (in Swedish)

Was it just me, or did World Cafe not stream that TSOOL performance yesterday? Did I miss it? Anyone else record it?

Katatonia has put up a 45-second teaser of the new song "Evidence"on their homepage. As stated before, the new album "Viva Emptiness" comes out March 24.

The Hives won two categories at the recent NME awards: 'Best International Band' and 'Best Dressed'. The full list of winners is here.

Isolation Years will release the first single from the new album "It's Golden" on February 17. The track is called "Open Those Eyes" and I have no doubt it will be awesome. The album follows on March 14.

Madrugada is planning to release the song "Majesty" as the next single. It's already been doing quite well in the charts. The rumor is that they're doing an EP and it'll be out on March 5. No word on the b-sides at this time.

Read the transcript of's webchat with The Cardigans. There's actually some pretty good questions from the fans getting asked and answered.

Ulver reports that the "1993-2003: 1st Decade in the Machines" remix comp is now complete. Contributors include the band themselves, Alexander Rishaug, Information, Third Eye Foundation, Upland, Bogdan Raczynski, Martin Horntveth, Neotropic, Stars of the Lid, Fennesz, Pita, Jazzkammer, V/Vm, and Merzbow. It'll be out in March on Jester Records.

In other Ulver news, the band also has announced their next EP will be called "A Quick Fix of Melancholy". It will contain three tracks and over 30 minutes of music that they say will "reflect the title." Author Christian Bök provides the lyrics.

Flow Magazine has themselves an exclusive mp3 from Paragon. The track is called "När Gon Spottar" and was produced by Michel Rocwell. Look for it on the upcoming debut album "Stadsbarn".

This week's Swedish college radio chart (from Dagensskiva):

01. (01) The Cardigans "For What It's Worth"
02. (06) Håkan Hellström "Den fulaste flickan i hela världen"
03. (09) Coldplay "Clocks"
04. (05) The Knife "Heartbeats"
05. (03) Fireside "Throw It Away"
06. (08) Caesars Palace "Candy Cane"
07. (02) Foo Fighters "Times Like These"
08. (NY) Erlend Öje "Sudden Rush"
09. (NY) Laakso "Long Beach"
10. (11) Ms Dynamite "Put Him Out"
11. (NY) Placebo "The Bitter End"
12. (16) Paris "Streetlights"
13. (18) N.E.R.D. "Provider"
14. (04) Badly Drawn Boy "Born Again"
15. (NY) Maceo Parker "Come By And See"
16. (14) Eve "Satisfaction"
17. (13) The Libertines "Time For Heroes"18. (NY) Calexico "Quattro"
19. (15) Zwan "Honestly"
20. (NY) Red Hot Chili Peppers "Can't Stop"

Leaving the chart:
(07) Turin Brakes "Pain Killer"
(10) Supergrass "Seen the Light"
(12) Ed Harcourt "All of Your Days Will Be Blessed"
(17) Dub Sweden "Walk Me Home"
(19) Paola "Interstellar Love"
(20) Her Majesty "I'm Fire C'mon!"

Big Bongo Records is doing a comp to be called Twenty Years Too Soon One Year Too Late - A Tribute To The Nomads" featuring contributions from Sewergrooves, The Hellacopters, Maryslim, bob hund, The Dictators, Entombed, Sons of Cyrus and Nitwitz. In case you are unaware, The Nomads are the forefathers of Swedish garage rock and two of the members now make up The Hellacopters' rhythm section. I don't have a release date, but it should be out soon.

Here's the top 20 Swedish albums of the week, as reported by Aftonbladet:

01. Kent - Vapen & ammunition
02. The Sounds - Living in America
03. v/a - Fame Factory volym 3 final 2002
04. Barbados - Rewind
05. Robyn - Don´t stop the music
06. A Teens - New arrival
07. Magnus Uggla - Klassiska mästerverk
08. Melody Club - Music machine
09. The Knife - Deep Cuts
10. Johannes Kotschy - And that's why I love you
11. Helen Sjöholm - Visor
12. Sophie Zelmani - Sing and dance
13. Mando Diao - Bring´em in
14. Thåström - På röda sten
15. Joybells gospel choir - Oh happy day - 14 gospel klassiker
16. Nicke & Nilla - Pannkakor med sylt
17. Christian Kjellvander - Songs from a two-room chapel
18. Eric Gadd - Life support
19. Håkan Hellström - Det är så jag säger det
20. v/a - Fame factory vol 2

Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Loell has done a song to be featured in the upcoming Gwyneth Paltrow film "A View from the Top". Read more here. (in Swedish)

The new Lost Patrol record is scheduled to be out in May. For those that don't know, LP is the solo side project of Dennis Lyxzén from The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Among the various guests to appear on the album are singer/songwriter Lisa Miskovsky, David Sandström (The Facers, ex-Refused), Stefan Granberg (Randy), and Peder Stenberg (Bittersweet). Read more here. (in Swedish)

Nasum reports they have completed their new album "Helvete" which was recorded at the band's own Soundlab Studios by singer/guitarist Mieszko Talarczyk. The tracklisting:

01. Violation
02. Scoop
03. Living Next Door to Malice
04. Stormshield
05. Time to Discharge
06. Bullshit
07. Relics
08. We Curse You All
09. Doombringer
10. Just Another Hog
11. Drop Dead
12. I Hate People
13. Go!
14. The Final Sleep
15. Slaves to the Grind
16. Breach of Integrity
17. The Everlasting Shame
18. Your Words Alone
19. Preview of Hell
20. Illogic
21. Whip
22. Worst Case Scenario