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The Virtues - Bleak ways

Oh hey, a new single from Swedish powerpop act The Virtues! Check them out tonight in Stockholm at Lasse i Parken with Paris and Peter Morén.

Peter Morén - Odyssén (video)

PSL has the premiere of Peter Morén's new solo single "Odyssén":
So which Peter in the band is your favorite?

Ingrid spring

has posted their upcoming spring/summer release schedule:
Look for new stuff from all three Peter Bjorn and John dudes -- Smile (Björn Yttling + Jocke Ĺhlund), Peter Morén (solo) and Hortlax Cobra (John Erikssson) -- plus Starlight Serenaders and more.

Peter Morén - Vinstintressen (video)

A political song from PB&J frontman Peter Morén. Read more (both pĺ svenska and in English) and get a free d/l here:

Ingrid begets Night Shift label sampler for RSD

, the new label started by Peter Bjorn and John, Lykke Li, Teddybears, Miike Snow et al, will be putting out a sampler for Record Store Day featuring tracks from Les Big Byrd, Lykke Li and lots more, including all three PB&J solo projects: Jon Eriksson's Hortlax Cobra, Björn Yttling's Yttling Jazz and Peter Morén's own thing under his given name. Full details and sample tunes at Pitchfork:

MP3: Theresa Andersson - Fiya's gone

New music from Swedish expat/New Orleans resident/one-woman-band Theresa Andersson off her upcoming album "Street parade", due out March 14 in Sweden/April 24 elsewhere (I think?). Seems like she's going for a bit of a bittersweet 60s girl-group vibe on this one, though not necessarily in the fuzzy, lofi way made popular by Vivian Girls et al. A bit more swing, a lot more horns, and, as always with Ms. Andersson, a clever amalgamation of novel percussion elements that make up the song's base. Hit up her website for another tune featuring Peter Morén of Peter Bjorn and John:

Theresa Andersson - Fiya's gone

The Aquarian interviews PB&J

The Aquarian gives a good rundown of Peter Bjorn and John's career thus far and engages frontman Peter Morén in a bit of Q&A:

Jasmine Kara + Peter Morén

Swedish soul/pop artist Jasmine Kara will be collaborating with Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John) on her next album which is currently in the process of being written.

PB&J talk to Spin

Spin interviews Peter Morén of Peter Bjorn and John about a few of their songs off the forthcoming album "Gimme some":

Peter Morén and Jens Lekman perform poolside

Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John) and Jens Lekman will be doing poolside performances at the Mondrian Hotel in LA this fall:
Both shows are free, but require RSVP in advance -- see the Facebook link for details.

New PB&J in the works

Peter Morén says that the basic tracks for the next Peter Bjorn and John album have been recorded, with two more weeks of tracking to go before mixing.

PB&J to start recording next week

Peter Morén reports that Peter Bjorn and John will begin recording a new album next week.

Tobias Fröberg - The big upTobias Fröberg
The big up
Fire Egg Recordings


A few years ago, Tobias Fröberg opened for Peter Morén's North American tour. While charming and hilarious, there was a distinct sense of also-ran, as Fröberg's engaging stage persona couldn't quite make up for the fact his songs were, at best, sweetly adequate. However, "The big up" gives us a different Fröberg, one who is ready to step out from behind "big brother Morén's" shadow. For those of us who have been longing to embrace both artist and music, it's about time!

Built around organ, understated strings, and a pronounced sense of melancholy, the songs of "The big up" are bluer, and the emotions a bit sharper than 2008's "Turn heads". Love, it appears, still weighs heavily on Fröberg's mind. Although, from the paean to lost war love "Sandra", to guitar-driven "I wanna hurt like that", to spectacularly understated "When we go to war", pain and violence is never far behind. Even when his self-deprecating charm peaks though on track "I hope that I die before you", it's not without a keen sense that the end is always in sight. So consistent is his theme and care that, by album's end, even the refrain of final track "Baby baby baby" feels indebted with emotion far beyond its simple words. Also-ran no more, introspect suits Fröberg.
- Laura Studarus

Cookies n Beans album gets title, release date

Swedish pop/roots trio Cookies n Beans have finally confirmed that their new album "Beg, borrow and steal" will be released on March 24. Said album was produced by the band with help from Kristofer Ĺström and Magnus Tingsek and features songs written by fellow Swedish artists Lisa Miskovsky, Sophie Zelmani, Tobias Fröberg, Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John) and more, including themselves of course.

Peter Morén sjunga pĺ svenska (video)

Watch Peter Morén perform his new single "Esther" live for Göteborg Posten: