Artist: Pig Eyes

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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Musik med Pig Eyes

PSL presents live musik with 6-piece old-man noiserockers Pig Eyes:
More here.

Pig Eyes gone digital

Pig Eyes' debut EP "Total destruction of the present moment", now available for your listening pleasure via Spotify and iTunes. Recommended!

Swarm + Pig Eyes - Live @ Kulturhuset (video)

Check out some footage from acts Swarm and Pig Eyes playing live in Stockholm last week. Weak sound quality on the Pig Eyes stuff unfortunately, but what can ya do?

Pig Eyes - We are kings

New sounds from Swedish old-man noiserockers Pig Eyes. The debut EP is in the works.

Pig Eyes - Bullet with everything

New postpunk/hardcore from Pig Eyes, a new act featuring current and ex-members from bands such as Nitad, In Solitude, Trapdoor Fucking Exit and Kvoteringen. Look for a 12" EP to be released via later this year.