MP3: Vånna Inget - Allvar

Not that I really need an excuse to post a track from the very-excellent Vånna Inget, but considering that today is International Woman's Day (and Purim, but let's not get distracted), I'll take it. Sweden has long excelled in the realm of female-fronted melodic punk with early acts such as Tant Strul, Mögel and Pink Champagne leading the way and modern bands like Knugen Faller and Masshysteri carrying the torch. Vånna Inget keep it burning. Go see them next week at our It's a Trap! Clubnight at Debaser Malmö!

Vånna Inget - Allvar

Tant Strul are back

Swedish early 80s punk/postpunk act Tant Strul, one of Kajsa Grytt's early bands besides Pink Champagne, has reformed and will be performing a number of gigs this coming summer.

There will be another Swedish punk fest this coming fall in Göteborg. Classic bands enlisted to play so far are Tant Strul, Pink Champagne and TT Reuter.