Artist: Pretty Whores of Manhattan

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Reviews: I hate the disco (mp3)
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MP3: Pretty Whores - When are you going to start to study?

Pretty Whores are no longer Pretty Whores of Manhattan, but their name still sucks. Ditch it please, I implore you. Your music is getting way better, but I will never, ever get over that dumb name. It will be an albatross in years to come. But getting back to the music, like I said, the group's new EP "Teens of USA" is a huge improvement over their demo. They're still kicking out chops-heavy punk-rock'n'roll, but with far greater consistency and control. They've also started to angle for more of a garage thing with the yelped vocals and good time vibe. Still maybe a bit more Mötley Crüe than Devil Dogs, but that's really not such a huge divide when you get down to it. They're young, they want to party, they've come to kick out the jams. Even though I might be a cynical crank, I can't say there's anything wrong with that.

Pretty Whores - When are you going to start to study?

MP3: Pretty Whores of Manhattan - I hate the disco

File this one under 'trying too hard', as if it wasn't already self-evident from the name Pretty Whores of Manhattan. Still, it's hard to really find fault with these kids even if their brand of punk-rock is more fashion than passion, after all, they are just out of high school. They've got the chops, but the attitude is overblown and stunted by misogyny. Way more Hardcore Superstar than actual hardcore, y'know? Which is not to say their frustration and anger isn't real, it just comes off as misdirected and contrived. Focus, people! Work it out!

Pretty Whores of Manhattan - I hate the disco