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Cobolt - Postume

For most folks, the band Cobolt is, at best, a forgotten footnote from the Umeň music scene of yore. For nerds like me who pursued every thread until exhausted, they were a revelation, an eye-opening glimpse into the vast and varied expanse of the Norrland music scene in a post-Refused world. And now, at long last, Refused bassist Magnus Bj÷rklund has posted his old band's final unreleased recordings for public consumption. I've had semi-illicit copies of a number of these tracks for many years now and am glad they are finally getting a proper chance to find an audience -- very recommended!

New West Coast dates for Refused

Refused will swing back through the West Coast in August:

08/22 - Ogden Theater, Denver, CO
08/28 - Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA w/Sleigh Bells
08/29 - Roseland Theater, Portland, OR w/Sleigh Bells
08/31 - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA w/Sleigh Bells

I'll gladly accept an invite to the Seattle or Portland show, should one be forthcoming.

Kristofer Steen takes to the stage

Refused guitarist Kristofer Steen will be making his debut as a Stage Director next February when he stages his interpretation of Puccini's opera "La BohŔme" at NorrlandsOperan in his old hometown of Umeň, Sweden. Read the full press release: (English + Swedish)

Refused in the NYT

The New York Times reports back from seeing Refused live at Terminal 5 (but not at the afterparty):

Refused - It's clobberin' time + Injustice system (live video)

Refused cover Sick of It All with help from Lou Koller live in NYC.

Refused - Live at Coachella (audio)

Full audio of Refused's live set from Coachella: part 1 / part 2

Refused: Boredom is not on the table

Some words from Refused on the band and their reunion tour:

Refused to appear on Jimmy Fallon

Refused will be making their TV debut on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on April 23.

Refused - Rather be dead (live video)

As hinted at the other day, Refused played another "secret" gig of sorts this past weekend at Debaser Medis in Stockholm and course there's plenty of footage online for everyone who missed it.

More dates for Refused

Refused have announced a new batch of US/North American dates for July:

07/15 - Masquerade Music Park, Atlanta, GA
07/16 - The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD
07/18 - Williamsburg Waterfront, New York, NY
07/19 - Riot Fest East, Philadelphia, PA
07/20 - House of Blues, Boston, MA
07/21 - Metropolis, Montreal, Canada
07/22 - Sound Academy, Toronto, Canada
07/23 - Sound Academy, Toronto, Canada
07/25 - Royal Oak Music Theater, Royal Oak, MI
07/26 - Congress Theater, Chicago, IL

I also understand that they'll be playing another "secret" show somewhere in Sweden this weekend, but my lips are sealed.

New Noise - Old Kids

Tour doc: JosÚ Saxlund (ex-Abhinanda, Out of Vogue) and Fredrik Holmgren () travel from Stockholm to Umeň for Refused's secret reunion warmup gig. Many misspelled English subtitles are provided for the Swedish illiterate.

Hňrda Tider vs Umeň HC

I know the Refused reunion has everyone's attention n' all, but howabout a trio of Umeň Hard Core classics backed by Hňrda Tider?

Refused live in Umeň (more)

Christoffer "138" R÷stlund reports back from Refused's hometown reunion gig in Umeň last night: (in English!)
More here:

Refused live in Umeň

Refused played/is playing a "secret" show at Scharinska in Umeň tonight alongside Hňrda Tider and UX Vileheads. No doubt the internet will explode with pics and video tomorrow, if it hasn't already (along with many complaints from locals that couldn't get in).

Refused bassist revealed

In case you were wondering (I was), Magnus Flagge (nee Bj÷rklund, from Cobolt) will be rejoining Refused as their bassist for the upcoming reunion tour: