Artist: Sexpistolstanten och Mockfjärdsvapnet

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Sexpistolstanten och Mockfjärdsvapnet - Det ärliga CV:tSexpistolstanten och Mockfjärdsvapnet
Det ärliga CV:t
Skrammel Records

This is is the sound of Stockholm punkrock scene vets having a good time, free from any sort of high-minded aspirations. Maybe I'm projecting too much of my own psyche on this, but I strongly suspect that these folks are more than content to get together semi-regularly to play music and drink beer (not necessarily in that order) and maybe then play a few shows for their friends. The fact that they got it together enough to record a long sets worth of material and press it to wax is purely incidental. Eventually you get to a point where that's just what you do, the next logical step in any band's evolution. As for the quality, a record like this is essentially critic-proof -- hence no grade -- and whether or not me or my cronies are impressed is beside the point; if you're not a member of Sexpistoltanten's social circle, this record wasn't made for you anyway. I see it as an audio postcard, a document of a very specific time and place. Local rock for local rockers. And that's totally okay.
- Avi Roig