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Sista Sekunden EP preview

Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden is streaming 3 of the tracks from their upcoming 7" at SoundCloud:

MP3: Sista Sekunden - Tattoos är punk

No time for updates today as I'm off to PDX to get tattooed. Back tomorrow.

Sista Sekunden - Tattoos är punk

Sista Sekunden confirm new EP

Sista Sekunden has confirmed that their new 7-song 7" EP "Svartvit" will be officially released on May 7. 1200 copies, black vinyl.

Sista Sekunden update (+ more)

Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden will be releasing a new 7" single in May and will be celebrating will a fully stacked show on the 7th at KB in Malmö featuring Regulations, Night Fever, Bäddat För Trubbel, Hårda Tider and Tysta Mari. Not to be missed, obviously.

In related news, Andy from Sista Sekunden's other band Terrible Feelings have recorded a bunch of new stuff and have a number of new releases on the way. First is a single on German label in cooperation with vocalist Manuela's own imprint featuring "Impending doom" b/w "Death to everyone". They've also got another 7" coming via (also German) featuring "Tied up" b/w "No meaning" as well as a CD coming out in Japan through that has six new songs recorded for it so far and will possibly (probably?) feature more.

Sista Sekunden West Coast tour

Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden have confirmed most of their upcoming West Coast tourdates:

11/05 - The Morgue, Seattle, WA
11/06 - Punk house, Portland, OR
11/08 - tba, Eugene, OR
11/09 - Nick's Haus, Arcata, CA
11/10 - Some pizza place, Chico, CA
11/11 - Fort Ryland, Reno, NV
11/12 - Submission Gallery, San Francisco, CA
11/13 - tba, Long Beach, CA
11/14 - Tower Bar, San Diego, CA
11/15 - The Slurp, Phoenix, AZ
11/16 - tba, Orange County, CA
11/17 - House show, Los Angeles, CA
11/19 - The Pink Mailbox, Isla Vista, CA
11/20 - House show, Oakland SF, CA

Sista Sekunded to tour Europe, Japan, US

Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden will be bringing their friends Iscream 7 Showers over from Japan for a European tour before heading over to their part of the world for another set of dates:

09/03 - Stumpf, Hannover (GER)
09/04 - Wagon Club, Wroclaw, Dolnoslask (POL)
09/05 - Club 007, Prague (CZ)
09/06 - Arena, Vienna (AUS)
09/07 - tba
09/08 - Warm Audio, Décines (FRA)
09/09 - Tiki's Pub, Geneva (CH)
09/11 - Epple Haus, Tübingen, BaWü (GER)
09/12 - tba, Gießen (GER)
09/13 - tba, Berlin (GER)
09/14 - Rote Flora, Hamburg (GER)
10/01 - Wall, Tokyo (JPN)
10/02 - Club Chaos, Mie City (JPN)
10/03 - Bears, Osaka (JPN)
10/04 - Club Border, Hiroshima (JPN)
10/05 - Kieth Flack, Fukuoka (JPN)
10/06 - Day Off, Kobe (JPN)
10/07 - Huck Finn, Nagoya (JPN)
10/08 - Whoppees, Kyoto (JPN)
10/09 - Club 108, Kobe (JPN)
10/10 - Era, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo (JPN)

After that, Sista Sekunden will be coming back over to the States for a solo West Coast jaunt -- here is the preliminary schedule:

11/05 - Seattle, WA
11/06 - Portland, OR
11/08 - Eugene, OR
11/09 - Arcata/Eureka, CA
11/10 - Sacramento, CA
11/11 - Reno, NV
11/12 - SF/Oakland, CA
11/13 - LA, CA
11/14 - San Diego, CA
11/15 - Tijuana (MEX)
11/16 - Orange County, CA
11/17 - LA, CA
11/19 - Santa Barbara/Isla Vista, CA
11/20 - SF/Oakland, CA
11/21 - SF, CA

New music from Sista Sekunden

Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden are streaming a couple new tracks at myspace off their forthcoming record:

Sista Sekunden confirm new album details

Malmö-based hardcore act Sista Sekunden have confirmed that their new album "Åldras med stil" will be released on May 5 via their own label in coordination with (GER), (FRA) and (US). There will be a release party on May 8 and all comers will receive a free CD.

Sista Sekunden studio diary

Sista Sekunden have posted a studio diary documenting the recording of their new album:

Sista Sekunden planning next album

Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden will be recording a new album in February. More details to come.

Sista Sekunden back in North America

Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden have confirmed most of their North American tour in October:

10/01 - Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA
10/02 - 538 Johnson (apt 210), New York, NY
10/03 - Midway Cafe, Boston, ME
10/04 - tba, Portland, ME
10/05 - Valentines, Albany, NY
10/06 - Katacombes, Castevets, Montreal, Quebec (CAN)
10/07 - Help!, Quebec (CAN)
10/08 - Help!, Trois Rivieres, Quebec (CAN)
10/09 - Hullbastard House, Ottawa, Ontario (CAN)
10/10 - The Spill, Petersborough, Ontario (CAN)
10/11 - Neutral Bar, Toronto (CAN)
10/12 - Help!, Hamilton, Ontario (CAN)
10/13 - Club 73, St. Catharines, Ontario (CAN)
10/14 - tba, Buffalo, NY
10/15 - Trumbelplex, Detroit Rock City, MI
10/16 - tba, Chicago, IL
10/17 - Legion of Doom!, Cleveland, OH
10/18 - The Nerve, Pittsburgh, PA
10/19 - The Lighthouse, Washington DC
10/20 - tba, Richmond, VA
10/21 - tba, Baltimore, MD
10/22 - tba, New Brunswick, NJ
10/23 - tba, Philadelphia, PA
10/24 - ABC No Rio (matinee show), New York, NY

Sista Sekunden on tour

Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden are currently out on tour and will be heading down to Germany:

08/12 - Intakto, Gävle (SWE)
08/13 - Ung008, Stockholm (SWE)
08/14 - Kulturhuset, Växjö (SWE)
08/15 - Shaubude, Kiel (GER)
08/16 - Giessenstr. 17, Leipzig (GER)
08/17 - Juze Kessel, Offenburg (GER)
08/18 - Künstverin, Nürnberg (GER)
08/19 - JUZ Mannheim, Mannheim (GER)
08/20 - Schnarup Thumby, Berlin (GER)
08/21 - Stumpf, Hannover (GER)
08/22 - Störtebecker, Hamburg (GER)

Sista Sekunden back to North America in October

Swedish posi-hardcore act Sista Sekunden will be coming back to North America in October for an extensive tour covering the East. Preliminary details here:

Atlas Losing Grip recruits ex-Satanic Surfers vocalist

Swedish melodic hardcore act Atlas Losing Grip (ft. members from Enemy Alliance, Sista Sekunden) has enlisted Rodrigo Alfaro from Satanic Surfers as their new vocalist. Listen to a new track at myspace called "Heartbeat":
Fans of any of the other aforementioned bands will not be disappointed. Also note the upcoming live dates in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece. (via)

Sista Sekunden to tour in April

April tourdates for Swedish hardcore act Sista Sekunden:

04/03 - G18, Bremen (GER)
04/04 - Plaque, Leipzig (GER)
04/05 - Stumpf, Hanover (GER)
04/06 - Bastard Club, Osnabrück (GER)
04/07 - el Lokal Pirate, Den Haag (NL)
04/08 - Haus Mainusch, Mainz (GER)
04/09 - The Bunker, Chemnitz (GER)
04/10 - Club 007, Prague (CZ)
04/11 - Archiv, Potsdam (GER)
04/12 - Hafenklang, Hamburg (GER)