Artist: Skogen Brinner

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Skogen Brinner in the studio (video)

Behind the scenes with Swedish rockers Skogen Brinner in the studio.

Skogen Brinner sign with Subliminal Sounds

Swedish retro hardrockers Skogen Brinner have found a new home in , reportedly sealing the deal in blood. The band's debut 2-track single "Pundarvarning" has now been rereleased digitally after being originally released by on 7" last fall and a new full-length will follow later this year.

New 7" from Skogen Brinner on Gaphals

New Swedish hardrock just released on 7" via . In case the font face didn't tip you off, Skogen Brinner is described as "Black Sabbath mixed with Pugh Rogerfeldt" and they ain't lying.