Artist: Slöa Knivar

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Reviews: Ingen klass, ingen stil / Stay dirty (mp3)
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Top 10s for 2011: Mattias Alkberg

Skrammel begets Södertörn, new EP from Alouatta

Swedish punk label (Slöa Knivar, Krig i Hudik, Brainbombs, etc.) has started a new offshoot called in order to release what they say is "music that is perhaps more awkvard, worse, better, more lean, more pop, more dance than what we havce been doing so far at Skrammel." First up, a new 10" EP from rockers Alouatta called "DIY" which will be out on May 6. Read more and check out a pre-mastered sample tune:

En samling från Turist i Tillvaron

Turist i Tillvaron, the blog of Swedish punk critic Mikael Sörling, is putting out a comp LP this summer:
Featured artists include Slöa Knivar, Abjekt, Bäddat för Trubbel, Epidemics, Snutjävel and more.

Top tens for 2010: Mattias Alkberg (The Bear Quartet)

Top tens for 2010: It's a Trap!

Top tens for 2010: It's a Trap!

Slöa Knivar - Ingen klass, ingen stilSlöa Knivar
Ingen klass, ingen stil
Skrammel Records


Now, this is what punk with a fuck it all! attitude should sound like! The music that Skåne's Slöa Knivar play is well above average punk and hardcore, but they have one important aspect that affords them an extra element of venom, making "Ingen klass, ingen stil" an absolute killer album. That is, of course, the use of insanely caustic female vocals that would put most male punk screamers to shame. Musically, it's a decidedly old-school take on the genre that would sit perfectly in punk's vehement heyday, with the vocals serving to really cement a dirty edge on the whole package. They remind me a little on London-based punk crew Meinhof, another female-fronted band whose vocalist overshadows many of her male counterparts, although it must be said that "Ingen klass, ingen stil" has the edge when it comes to raw power. At the end of the day, Slöa Knivar isn't a band that's out for world domination, but I'd dare say that when Armageddon comes they'd be on the front line providing the soundtrack. Not all of their lyrics might fit the bill but, by hell, they'd make a serious racket to compliment the carnage.
- John Norby

Sirius playlist week #39

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Simian Ghost - Beat on the brat
02. TALK 1
03. End of All - Folkhemmet
04. In These Woods - Bear
05. The Bells - Outside
06. Britta Persson - Some girls some boys
07. TALK 2
08. Kråkesølv - Nordavind mot varme kinn
09. Tomas Halberstad - The pendulum swings again
10. WhoMadeWho - Left hand of the boxser
11. TALK 3
12. Säkert! - Köttet är svagt
13. Next Life - Battle tactics
14. Kaka - Candyman
15. The Fine Arts Showcase - Spanish kerosene
16. TALK 4
17. Kimono - Black
18. Axe - Up against common sense
19. NNDC - Mouthful of diamonds
20. Slöa Knivar - Anticimex
21. Enforcer - Take me to hell
22. TALK 5
23. Ikons - Imperiet

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Sirius playlist week #37

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Night Minutes - Sweetheart of the funeral
02. TALK 1
03. Korova Station - Come on come on
04. Okkultokrati - Stench of life
05. Johan G Winther - Chasing kingdoms
06. Kimono - Vienna
07. TALK 2
08. SONMOI - The man with no flesh
09. Phonophani - Neverdal
10. Kausal - The conquistador
11. TALK 3
12. Vowels - oiaå
13. The Bear Quartet - We're not gonna make it
14. Säkert! - Rotary
15. Slöa Knivar - Stay dirty
16. TALK 4
17. Slöa Knivar - Hjärtat
18. Menfolk - Skeletons
19. Asha Ali - Hurricane
20. Tiger Tape - She is fiction
21. TALK 5

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MP3: Slöa Knivar - Stay dirty

Slöa Knivar's debut LP "Ingen klas, ingen stil" (out now via ) has occupied a semi-permanent place on my turntable since I received it a week and a half ago, partially due to sheer laziness, but mostly because it rips hard. Also, because it has some of the gnarliest female vocals I've heard in ages. Another bonus: simple, straightforward lyrics deploring the most common, banal hardships of life, at least on the two English-language tracks (I haven't bothered to translate all the rest). Witness the predicaments: "I don't like to make food / I like to eat but I hate to spend so many hours every single day preparing my survival" Also: "I don't like to take showers / I like to smell nice but I hate to get wet and cold when it's not in the sea cause that's a different thing" Even if you don't agree, you can relate because we all have these issues. Reminds me a lot of "Burnt toast" by Anal Mucus, one of the very first hardcore acts I ever saw back as a wide-eyed teen (yeah, I know that video is new-ish, but I'm talking about the original incarnation back from back in the early 90s) -- you can talk about politics, you can scream about the impending end of the world, but if you want universal understanding, you gotta zero in on the little things. Though they transcend all genres, punk rock is surely the best way to express your frustration.

Slöa Knivar - Stay dirty

Skrammel says Slöa Knivar will be out in June, Brainbombs reissues later

New Swedish underground label reports that the new Slöa Knivar LP "Ingen klass ingen stil" should be out in mid-June. After that, they'll be reissuing the first two Brainbombs albums "Burning hell" and "Genius and brutality... taste and power" with the cover art as the band originally intended. No word on when those will be available, but I'll keep you updated.

Presenting: Skrammel Records

Makabert Fynd vocalist Mattis Ruwe has started a new label called Skrammel and his first release with the new endeavor will be an LP from female-fronted Skåne hardcore act Slöa Knivar. Samples at myspace:
Also check the band's own myspace page for more tracks and a few European tourdates: