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Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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Smalltown tour doc

"A music documentary about the struggle of the Swedish punkrockband Smalltown. Through bars and shitty dayjobs, around the world and back again..." 'Nuff said! In Swedish with English subtitles; direct link:

Smalltown to tour Europe

Smalltown is heading out on a European tour in April:

04/16 - Lobusch, Hamburg (GER)
04/17 - Koma F, Berlin (GER)
04/18 - Rosbrat, Poznan (POL)
04/19 - Elba, Warsaw (POL)
04/20 - Tektura, Lublin (POL)
04/21 - tba, Budapest (HUN)
04/22 - tba, Wien (AUS)
04/23 - Yacht Club, Brno (CZ)
04/24 - K4, Nurnberg (GER)
04/25 - Kafe Kult, Munich (GER)
04/26 - Juz, Mannheim (GER)
04/27 - Cafe Lorentz, Muenster (GER)
04/28 - Schaubude, Kiel (GER)
04/29 - Utkanten, Malmo (SWE)
04/30 - Overdreven, Copenhagen (DK)
05/01 - G18, Bremen (GER)

New Smalltown EP is almost ready

Smalltown's upcoming 7-song 10" EP has been completed and sent off for pressing. Four new originals on side A, 3 covers on the flip (The Strike, The Statues and Elvis Costello), die-cut sleeve and multiple colors of vinyl. No exact release date so far, but expect them to be available in time for the band's US tour. Hit up myspace for a sample:

Smalltown US tour

No exact dates are posted yet, but Smalltown has confirmed that they'll be touring the US with Off With Their Heads from October 21 through November 14, from Chicago to SF with stops at the Red Scare Red October Fest, Gainesville Fest and the Pirates Press anniversary party.

Smalltown to release tour EP?

Smalltown will be recording something new for Pirates Press Records to release in time for their US tour this fall. No confirmation yet on what final form it will take, but they say an EP of some sort is likely.

Smalltown confirmed for The Fest 8

Swedish act Smalltown will be coming to the US to play The Fest 8 which is happening in Gainesville, FL from October 30 through November 1. Details:

Smalltown's new album available for streaming

Swedish punkrockers Smalltown are streaming their entire new album "Implosion" at this location:

New Smalltown album finally available

Smalltown's new album "Implosion" is finally done and available from Deranged in North America, Combat Rock in Europe. Check out their myspace page for a preview of a few tracks and keep an eye out for US dates this fall:

Sirius playlist week #51

Here's the playlist for this week's (all-punk/hardcore) radio show:

01. Darkthrone - Hiking metal punks
02. TALK 1
03. Ebba Grön - Staten & kapitalet
04. Massgrav - Jävla fittor
05. Disfear - Live the storm
06. Samtidigt Som - För jag tror att ingen annan kan känna såhär för dig
07. TALK 2
08. We Live In Trenches - Autonomy clinic
09. MABD - Kom kom
10. Black Sheep - Crazy world
11. C.Aarmé - Ti ca tu a
12. Sods - Television sect
13. TALK 3
14. No Hope for the Kids - Rainy day
15. Frivolvol - Take it from the beginning
16. Hanna Hirsch - Ingen kommer sakna oss
17. Silver - Drenched in comfort
18. TALK 4
19. Randy - Win or lose
20. Victims - Your division
21. Smalltown - Warning
22. Lögnhalsmottagningen - Bodybuilder
23. M:40 - Sista tiden
24. TALK 5
25. Hebosagil - Cosmic

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The release of the new album "Implosion" from Swedish pop-punks Smalltown has been delayed until 2009.

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Suis La Lune - Förmögenhet
02. TALK 1
03. Dmitry Fyodorov - Leisure
04. M:40 - Konfrontation
05. Cola Freaks - Ingenting set
06. TALK 2
07. Sort Sol - Boy/Girl
08. Montys Loco - Farewell Mr Happy
09. Fy Fan - Arbetslos inte dum i huvdet
10. TALK 3
11. Those Dancing Days - Home sweet home
12. Viktor Sjöberg - Bostadsrätt
13. Frivolvol - And the youth of a nation sang
14. Jesper Norda - Tomorrow you'll be forgiven but tonight you will have your teeth knocked out
15. TALK 4
16. Norma - Waste
17. Häkan Lidbo - Mental hardcore
18. Celestial - Crystal heights
19. TALK 5
20. Mattias Alkberg BD - Här är ditt liv
21. Smalltown - The music
22. Audionom - Han gar och fiskar
23. Nitad - Rädslan
24. TALK 6
25. Broder Daniel - Underground

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The excellent Swedish pop-punk act Smalltown has two brand new tracks on myspace:
Note the UK tourdates in late November as well.

The excellent Swedish pop-punk act Smalltown reports that their new album "Implosion" is mixed and mastered. The band describes it by saying "it is very different from the last one, while still sounding very much like Smalltown. If that makes sense. We've tried some new stuff, with a lot of different instruments and other things." All that's left is the layout and then it's up to labels Combat Rock and Deranged to see it released.

Monument Records will be putting out a 7-track 7" from Swedish upstartsFirst Cut, a no-frills hardcore band that features members from bands such as Achilles Last Stand, Smalltown, Hearts Alive and The Arson Project. Hear samples at myspace:

The playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Jan Johansson - Visa från Utanmyra
02. TALK 1
03. Annika Norlin/Säkert! - Generalens visa
04. Don't Be a Stranger - Mon-chi-chi
05. Audionom - In the streets
06. TALK 2
07. Elias and the Wizzkids - Fourth of July
08. C.Aarmé - Golden retriever
09. Kasper Bjørke - Humming song
10. The Carny - Bestseller
11. TALK 3
12. Marybell Katastrophy - Hip
13. Flyphonic - The truth is
14. Universal Poplab - Heart apart (Timo Räisänen acoustic remix)
15. TALK 4
16. E.S.T. - Tuesday wonderland (live)
17. Rigas - Dead like you
18. TALK 5
19. Bröderna Lindgren - En hund som jag
20. Springfactory - Swedish folk highschool
21. Loud Pipes - Don't you ever
22. Sophie Zelmani - To know you
23. TALK 6
24. The State of Floral Beings - Man you owe me
25. Caitlyn - Oh no!
26. The Bombhappies - And at Belle Bed Inn, I told you
27. TALK 7
28. Brick - Call Batman
29. Smalltown - What's going on?
30. Desert Planet - Return of the ninja droids
31. TALK 8
32. Hedningarna - Neidon laulu
33. Dreamboy - What have I done
34. Captain Murphy - Sailor behaviour
35. TALK 9
36. Lemonator - Heart burns
37. The Kissaway Trail - Smother + evil = hurt
38. Johndoe - Rastløs rock'n'roll
39. Lukestar - Shade you hide
40. TALK 10
41. The Fine Arts Showcase - Teenage poetry