Artist: Snöras

Country: Norway
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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Coming in May on Fysisk Format: Le Corbeau

Fysisk Format (Haust, Snöras) will be releasing Le Corbeau's new album "Evening chill/Montréal of the mind" on May 25 in both CD and LP formats. Le Corbeau is the solo project of Řystein Sandsdalen from Angora Static/Serena Maneesh/Infidels Forever and you can listen to a few samples here:

Fysisk Format (Haust, Snöras) will be putting out the new album "Soft clicks" from Norwegian melodic hardcore act Death Is Not Glamorous on December 8. Preview here:
UK-based label Dead and Gone Records will be handling the vinyl and the band will be heading over there for a batch of shows immediately following the release:

12/08 - Downtown Diner, Ashford
12/09 - The Ringside, Hull
12/10 - The Retro Bar, Manchester
12/11 - The Cooperage, Newcastle
12/12 - Old Angel, Nottingham
12/13 - The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames
12/14 - Le Pub, Newport
12/15 - Marquee, Norwich

MP3: Snöras - Lucid river

Once upon a time, emo was not such a bad word its subset genre "screamo" meant skinny dudes flailing with guitars and crying on stage, not asymmetrical haircuts and blurry photos taken in mirrors for posting on myspace. Most importantly though, emo was shorthand for "emotional hardcore" and carried with it a strong sense of DIY ethics and social responsibility. Yes, there was a certain fashion associated with it and I can certainly remember plenty of shows with dudes in thrift-store cardigans and backpacks, arms crossed and davening wildly, but it was always about the music foremost. Snöras reminds me of those days, when bands played the kind of music that reflected the chaotic emotions they had inside and the only way to adequately express it was to scream it. You had bands with pop leanings on one side (see: Get Up Kids, Promise Ring, etc.) and then you had heavier, angrier bands like Snöras on the other. I'm actually not that nostalgic for that era -- I passed on the recent Portraits of Past reunion despite fond memories and personal connections and I'm generally ignorant of other bands in the scene keeping the sound alive, but sometimes it does hit the spot. I appreciate there are bands out there still keeping this spirit alive, still making zines, still making speeches between songs and doing all these things because they feel like they really matter. It probably comes off like a drop in the bucket, especially when preaching to the choir and faced with dour cynics (such as myself), but you know what? I believe it does matter. As Ian MacKaye so eloquently put it, "At least I'm fucking trying!"

Snöras - Lucid river

Norwegian hardcore act Snöras is now streaming new material at myspace:
The band's new album "Plague waters" will be released on CD and 2LP via Fysisk Format on September 9.

And speaking of Fysisk Format, the label has now signed math-metal act Manhattan Skyline and will be releasing their long-awaited debut on October 27. Samples:

Fysisk Format has posted details for the new album "Plague waters" from Norwegian hardcore act Snöras:

The excellent Oslo-based record store Tiger, one of Norway's only mailorders that ships internationally, is starting up a record label called Fysisk Format. Coming up first will be a split LP featuring Eskatol and Black Blood World followed by new CDs from crusties Haust and Snöras. As for the future, look for a new 7" from Norwegian rockers Silver and the long-awaited album "Shadows" from hardcore act Kaospilot. More info:

Anomalie Records has announced that they'll be putting out new records from Snoras and Jet Set Njet this summer. Snoras are described as "one man armageddon making some amazing contemporary rock" and JSN are a "refreshing psychedelic art punk collective." More details soon.