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Swarm + Pig Eyes - Live @ Kulturhuset (video)

Check out some footage from acts Swarm and Pig Eyes playing live in Stockholm last week. Weak sound quality on the Pig Eyes stuff unfortunately, but what can ya do?

SWNK talks to Swarm

Some Will Never Know interviews all-star gubbe-rock act Swarm, the new band with members from Disfear and Victims and a new 7" on :

Swarm to support Doomriders

The old men of Swarm will be supporting Doomriders for a number of European dates:

De:Nihil to release new 7" from Swarm

is putting out a new 7" from Swarm, a bluesy noiserock trio featuring current and ex-members from revered Swedish acts such as Victims, Disfear and Entombed:
2 songs, pre-orders start on May 19.