Artist: Systematisk Terror

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Systematisk Terror - Ueeehhh!Systematisk Terror


What we've got here is a 7-track demo of Swedish hardcore punk in the vein of DS-13 which means breakneck speeds, shouted vocals and songs that rarely extend beyond the 1:30 mark. It also means that the guitar tone is a bit cleaner than you might normally expect, though of course that is relative for the genre. Being that it is a demo, the sound and the performance is not totally on-point, but it's good enough to give a clear idea of what they're after. As for the songs, there's enough little quirks and changes to keep things interesting, though they start to lose me a bit with the extended breaks that tend towards crusty dissonance. It's not that they're incompatible with the no-slow/all-go hardcore style that makes up the bulk of the material, they're just not as well-integrated as they could be. Anyhow, minor quibbles aside, I enjoyed this.
- Avi Roig