Artist: T.S.T.

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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MP3: T.S.T. - No government

This week, Jonas Appelqvist is taking us back to 1982:

Last night it dawned upon me that I in fact own one song with T.S.T. (a band that's been a subject of discussion in the message board for quite some time now). They're represented on the compilation "Vägra raggarna benzin – punk från provinserna 78-82 vol. II" with "Väktarnas värld" along with Asta Kask, TT Reuter and Unter Den Linden. The reason for the discussion is that someone wanted to know who originally wrote the song "Oh, I'm so alone" which Fireside recorded back in 1997. And yup, you guessed it; it was the songwriters in this band, Nandur Hegedüs and Jarmo Mäkkeli. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track down that song but, boy, do I have goodies for you! Let me present a song taken from their self-titled debut released in 1982, "No government". Being ahead of their time, this is what I imagine that Mr. Brett and Greg Graffin from Bad Religion and Bob Mould from Hüsker Dü would use as preference to their own songwriting at the time.
This punk band from Västerås released two albums, a few EPs and contributed to a bunch of compilations over the years. I can warmly recommend the "Varning för punk"-comp, in which most of the Swedish punk elite are represented, a triple CD that sums up the eighties punk scene in Sweden in a great way.
FYI, being born and raised in a town that was a big punk scene during that period with great bands such as Nyx Negativ and, mentioned above, Unter Den Linden, I almost feel obliged to do mp3-posts on those bands as well. Hell, you can't miss out on that!
But for now, enjoy your T.S.T.!

T.S.T. - No government