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Check out the Jimmy O remix of "Don't drop off" by The Grand Opening:
I just added a couple new TGO tourdates to the sidebar as well.

I now have CDs and LPs from The Grand Opening in stock: [click here]

Check out Will Gambola Sing, a new supergroup of sorts featuring members from Mikko Singh, The Je Ne Sais Quoi, The Grand Opening, Ohm and Yamon Yamon:

The video for the latest single from IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening is now online:
The track is called "Don't drop off" and besides being featured in an older version on the MP3 EP, is one of the highlights of the album "This is nowhere to be found".

Also note that a new batch of German tourdates for The Grand Opening have been added to the "In Concert" section of the sidebar.

IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening has posted some new tracks on myspace including two from the recent album "This is nowhere to be found" and the vinyl-only bonus title track:
Look for copies of said LP to be added to the store soon!

Mr. John Roger Olsson of IAT-faves The Grand Opening sent me an email to let me know that he is now playing drums with the band Leonwalls and their first recordings are now online for listening:
It's not quite as dour as TGO, but it's definitely in the same dark/melancholy pop vein.

The Grand Opening - This is nowhere to be foundThe Grand Opening
This is nowhere to be found
Tapete Records

The Grand Opening is primarily the efforts of John Roger Olsson, a soft-spoken young man with an undying will to tell stories of love and heartbreak. "This is nowhere to be found" is Olsson's debut and its ten brooding, down-tempo tracks will leave you feeling a little softer and a little more malleable even after just a few minutes. Every song is crafted to bring you down a few notches and pull you into a contemplative state, the lyrics dive into the happy and unhappy (guess which wins in the end) and though they are a little on the simple side, they have enough moodiness to alter the rest of your day. While acts like Doveman are sapping things down in the states, The Grand Opening appears to have things handled for the EU.
- Phil Del Costello

Today's guest list comes from IAT.MP3 artist John Roger Olsson of The Grand Opening: [click here]

Top 10s for 2006: John Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening)

IAT.MP3 artist Björn Kleinhenz has a nice new simple website:
Both Björn and The Grand Opening seem to understand that sometimes 'less is more' and I really appreciate it.

Check out IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening playing live in Erlangen:

Don't forget to catch IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening on tour in Northern Europe:

10/30 - Kulturhaus 73, Hamburg (GER)
10/31 - Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover (GER)
11/01 - Das Bett, Frankfurt (GER)
11/02 - Cafe D`Art, Neu-Ulm (GER) w/Montag
11/03 - E-Werk, Erlangen (GER) w/Samba, Eskobar
11/04 - Schwarzer Engel, St.Gallen (CH) w/Wolke
11/05 - B72, Vienna (AUS)
11/06 - Kerosin, Augsburg (GER) w/Wolke
11/07 - Stereo Wonderland, Köln
11/08 - Pretty Vacant, Düsseldorf (GER)
11/09 - Raststätte, Aachen (GER)
11/10 - Schlachthof, Weisbaden (GER) w/Josh Ottum, Gem
11/11 - Pavian, Augsburg (GER)

MP3: The Grand Opening - Secret view

The Grand Opening's debut full-length "This is nowhere to be found" is a perfect record for the segue into fall. Melancholy and full of yearning and nostalgia, the music evokes the same sort of feelings I associate with the season. The days grow shorter, shadows grow longer and the leaves fall from trees. It's a time of inward reflection as we prepare for winter. As with Sonores (who I posted about recently), this record marks the first steps of an IAT.MP3 netlabel act branching out into the 'real world' with a physical product. I couldn't be more proud - I feel like a father whose children are now grown up and leaving home for the first time on their own and I want them to do well. TGO's record is especially pleasing to me because I knew they had immense potential when I first heard their demo and now they've gone and proved it. The "Location EP" netrelease was pretty damn good I must admit, but "This is nowhere to be found" is miles ahead. Three of the songs make appearances on the new album and the difference between the two versions is astounding. However, you'll have to either visit myspace or buy the record to hear 'em because I've posted a different song today, "Secret view". I love the tone of that bassline as played on Rhodes keyboard (at least I'm fairly sure what they used) combined with a simple drum loop and smattering of overdubbed percussion. The guitar only provides atmosphere and the melody is carried solely by vocals and chimes. So beautiful, so sublime.
Buy the "Don't drop off" 7": [click here]

The Grand Opening - Secret view

Interview: Jonas Odhner (Sonores)