Artist: The Incredible Steel Erectors

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The Incredible Steel Erectors now Narcisco

Chicago-style Swedish noiserockers The Incredible Steel Erectors have rechristened themselves Narcisco. More here:

Copper Press reviews Swedish noiserockers The Incredible Steel Erectors:
Pretty much a dead-on assessment I think.

Splendid reviews The Incredible Steel Erectors:

The Incredible Steel Erectors
Bull muzika

You should know by now that I'm quite fond of noisy, angular indierock, so it's always nice to hear new acts keeping the torch lit. Despite the somewhat dubious name, tISE do a decent job with the classic Chicago/Touch & Go sound, adding in their own individual touches of artfullness. They start to lose me on the tracks where they get too overwhelmingly frenetic and funky, but the more mid-tempo material such as "Buzzcut" is rock-solid. Sometimes less is more, y'know?
- Avi Roig