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The Malpractice - Oh, the irony (video)

Danish indie act The Malpractice has a brand enw video for the tune "Oh, the irony":

Marybell and The Malpractice to Germany

Marybell Katastrophy and The Malpractice will be doing a couple German dates together in May:

05/17 - Astra-Stube, Hamburg
05/18 - Schokoladen, Berlin

Top tens for 2010: All Scandinavian

Gaffa top 10 Danish albums for 2010

Gaffa's top 10 favorite Danish albums of 2010:

01. Efterklang - Magic chairs
02. Søren Huss - Troen & ingen
03. 4 Guys From The Future - Under the new morning sun
04. De Eneste To - De eneste to
05. Love Shop - Frelsens hær
06. Agnes Obel - Philharmonics
07. The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Howl at the moon
08. The Malpractice - Tectonics
09. The Rumour Said Fire - The arrogant
10. The Informations - Noah's ark


The Malpractice - Boss stallion (video)

Here's the video for that new single from The Malpractice that I posted the other day. Direct link:

MP3: The Malpractice - Boss stallion

The Malpractice is the new solo project from Johannes Gammelby of I Am Bones/Beta Satan and "Boss stallion" is the latest single off the forthcoming album "Tectonics", due out October 25 via . I liked a couple I Am Bones songs, but was mostly ambivalent about the band overall; Beta Satan fare much better in my eyes due to the band's exemplary noisiness, whereas The Malpractice fall somewhere in between. This song in particular is quite good, despite my distaste for disco tropes to which I credit the beat emphasizing heaviness over funk. Seems to me, it aims for more an angular rock thing and nails it rather than poorly faking your standard Motown breaks. Elsewhere, the band seems to fall off a bit when Johannes loses focus, as was often the case with IAB, but whatever. We're in a new age of the single, right? Isn't that what they say?

The Malpractice - Boss stallion

Crunchy Frog signs The Malpractice (ex-I Am Bones)

has signed The Malpractice, a new band started by Johannes Gammelby of I Am Bones (now officially broken up) and Beta Satan. Look for a single in June to be followed by an album after summer; otherwise, hear some demos at myspace: