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The Movements split 10" coming in March

That split 10" that Swedish psychrockers The Movements announced back in October will finally be out in March. Full details and ordering info at the label website:

The Movements announce new split 10", French tour

Swedish rockers The Movements willb e doing a split 10" with French act The Angry Dead Pirates via in early 2012 and will also be heading over there for a tour in April. Dates/details to be confirmed.

The Movements to release anniversary LP

Swedish rock act The Movements will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary with a new LP on that will include four new tracks plus two previously unreleased ones with a repress of their OOP EP "Drag me up" on the flip. The official release date is set for March 1 and there will be a release party at Truckstop Alaska in Göteborg on the 12th.

The Movements - The world, the flesh and the devilThe Movements
The world, the flesh and the devil
Alleycat Records


"How long is too long" is the name of the first track of The Movements latest album and, in many ways, that one song summarizes the rest of the album. I'm not saying that it all sounds the same, quite the opposite, but all the tracks leaves me with the same feeling, the feeling of being incomplete. Or rather, having elements not completely belonging. Taking that first track as an example; the first minute blows me away every single time, but after that the mismatched vocals kill the buzz. There is something in each song, putting the lid on and it never really reaches its climax.
- Morten Frisch

Sirius playlist week #46

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Champagne Riot - THe champagne anthem
02. TALK 1
03. C.Aarmé - Bodybuilding
04. Mattias Alkberg - Andra känner
05. Asha Ali - The time is now
06. Karin Ström - Hon som älskade dig
07. TALK 2
08. Masquer - Bang bang
09. Mikkel Meyer - Tartar
10. Rising - Grail of bone
11. TALK 3
12. Sambassadeur - Days
13. Tortyr - Joag
14. Franke - Exil riktas inåt
15. Madamm - Lately I've been so blue
16. TALK 4
17. Taggarna Ut - The secretary
18. José González - In our nature
19. Moloken - Followers
20. Kitty & the K - Iamamf
21. Joel Alme - You will only get it once
22. TALK 5
23. The Movements - Going to your house

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MP3: The Movements - Save me

Been too long since I've posted some quality Scandinavian rock'n'roll, especially if it didn't come the label Transubstans. The Movements' name is forgettable (at best), but their new album "The world, the flesh and the devil" on Alleycat Records is totally solid the whole way through and there's a couple tracks towards the end that are certifiably great. "Save me" is one of them; its cascading riff reminds me of "Nevermore", my favorite song from The Soundtrack of Our Lives. The Movements have a murkier, more mourn-some atmosphere though, no doubt helped along by the gurgle of the organ. More of a fantastical comic book store vibe too, though I kind of dig that about them. The entrance of the strings doesn't quite do the duty of "Nevermore"'s ripping solo, but there is another thing that links the band back to TSOOL and that's producer Björn Olsson. Yes, I know Björn was no longer associated with TSOOL by "Behind the music", but in my due diligence I did discover that he shares a songwriting credit on the number in question. Surprise! I honestly had no idea until right this second. Anyhow, great songs; both of them.

The Movements - Save me

Sirius playlist week #41

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Bröderna Lindgren - Annan sort (feat. Britta Persson)
02. TALK 1
03. Rigas - Tonite
04. Sienna Root - The road to Agatha (Ahir Bhairav)
05. The Gentle Act Incident - The city doesn't know me
06. Asha Ali - Hurricane
07. TALK 2
08. Agent Side Grinder - Die to live
09. Moloken - My enemy
10. Boys of Scandinavia - Good looking
11. TALK 3
12. Sivert Høyem - Moon landing
13. Moonbabies - Take me to the ballroom
14. The Movements - Save me
15. TALK 4
16. Mikkel Meyer - Tunge (feat. Non)
17. Sahara Hotnights - Impressed by me
18. Samuraj Cities - The weekend is almost over
19. TALK 5
20. Adjagas - Mánu rávdnji

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Here's the list of acts confirmed for this year's Rookie Festival show in Hultsfred on October 31-November 1: Black Bonzo (Skellefteå), Caitlyn (Göteborg), Celestin (Enskede), Crash Diet (Stockholm), Devi (Stockholm), DJ Niklas (Stockholm), Idiot Savants (Hässleholm), Kung Henry (Uppsala), Malysz (Vänersborg), Matti Norling (Stockholm), Nikolaj (Kungälv), Novak (Visby), Pennybridge Kingz (Örebro), Psyjuntan. Biz (Hultsfred), Robert Valsinger (Linköping), Sandy Mouche (Malmö), Sara Berg (Stockholm), Seth My Path (Göteborg), Silent Scythe (Karlstad), Steady Session (Stockholm), Stereo Generator (Visby), The Happiest Girl In The World (Helsingfors/Stockholm), The Jabs (Stockholm), The Movements (Göteborg), The Search (Uppsala) and Tobias Fröberg (Stockholm).

Swedish demoband website has closed down. Head over there for a final message from them along with an interview from their favorite demoband of all-time on the site, The Movements.

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