Artist: The Robots

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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MP3: The Robots - Night of the living dead

It's Halloween weekend and I've been listening to The Misfits all day long, so I figure I should probably share and share alike, especially seeing as how they are perfect band for the occasion. Problem is, the only cover tunes I have handy come from the dismal "Hell on Earth - Hail to Misfits" compilation which is 98% garbage. I suppose that Entombed's take on "Hollywood Babylon" is solid, but that's not exactly seasonably appropriate so we gotta go with the next best thing which is "Night of the living dead" as performed by The Robots. Competent, yet unexceptional, but that's all I got, so yeah -- happy holidays I guess. Deal with it.

The Robots - Night of the living dead

MP3: The Hellacopters - Where the action is

This weekend The Hellacopters will play their final run of shows and gracefully bow out of existence. I'm sure people have all sorts of varying opinions on whether or not this is the right time to call it quits, but I think it's fitting. They rocked harder and longer than most; better to end it all with dignity fully intact.

I'm bummed they never made it over to the US for one last tour, but at least I did manage to see 'em a few times, though never during the era of "Payin' the dues", easily my favorite 'Copters record. I was under 21 when that album came out in 1997, so all I could do was eye the club listings and wait. They still played a huge role in my Swedish music education though, especially with tracks like "Where the action is", a song that's not much more than a laundry list of friends' bands: Nomads, The Robots, Kids Are Sick, Entombed, Backyard Babies... and those are just the obvious names. It wouldn't matter if it wasn't also kick-ass rock'n'roll, but of course they pull that off flawlessly. See, learning can be fun!

The Hellacopters - Where the action is

It looks like the cover art for the new Hellacopters album "Head off" has been revealed:
Very "Never say die", doncha think? Also, it appears that from the tracklist that it will be an all-covers album of various bands the Hellacopters have championed throughout their career. Check it:

01. Electrocute - "Demons"
02. Midnight Angels - The Peepshows
03. Im Watching You - The Humpers
04. No Salvation - Turpentines
05. In The Sign Of The Octopus - The Robots
06. Veronica Lake - New Bomb Turks
07. Another Turn - The Maharajas
08. I Just Dont Know About Girls - Asteroid B-612
09. Rescue - Dead Moon (?)
10. Making Up For Lost Time - The Bellrays
11. Throttle Bottom - Gaza Strippers
12. Darling Darling - The Royal Cream
13. Straight Until Morning - Powder Monkeys

Odd Ahlgren, lead vocalist for Swedish garage rockers The Robots, is releasing his debut novel "Förlösaren" and will be celebrating with a show at Debaser in Stockholm on September 15. The show will also be a release party for Odd's other band Cryptkicker 5 and their new single "Redeemer" on Debaser Records. The lyrics of the single tie in with the storyline from the novel and "makes it odd stuff from an odd man called Odd." The first 200 people at the show will recive a free copy of the single of which only 400 are being produced.

Idle Hands Records will release the new album from "We Are Everywhere" from long-running Stockholm-based rockers The Robots on April 19. When asked for their comments on their forthcoming fourth album, they had this to say:

"We deputies of the principal college of the Octopus are hereby making our stay both visible and invisible in this our world, by the grace of the powers to whom the hearts of all just men turn.
In order to draw men and women, our equals from deadly error we are now emerging from the depths of every foul human society.
With the divine knowledge derived from the cities in the deep we have been ever present through all the stages of human civilization.
We have been visible and present as well as invisible and hidden through millennia, stretching our tentacles in every direction, forming striking fists and caressing hands at our will.
Now as the world chooses a new direction Our presence remains

Um, yeah. Anyhow, head over to the newly redesigned Idle Hands website for more info or visit for mp3s and pics. The band will play a record release show at Debaser on April 2.

The "Twenty years too soon" tribute to Swedish garage rock legends The Nomads has been confirmed for a November 4 release. Contributors include Voladoras, The Yucca Spiders, The Dictators, Electric Frankenstein, The Hellacopters, Mary Slim, The Robots, Nitwitz, X-Ray's, Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves) w/The Dontcares, Sons Of Cyrus, The Sewergrooves, Silvermachines, Supercricket, Sickidz and Bob Hund doing "Min lön kommer 5 år försent" aka "I'm 5 years ahead of my time". More info: