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They Live By Night - Art and wealthThey Live By Night
Art and wealth
Razzia Records


One thing I cannot fault They Live By Night with is that the production value here is superb, with the right amounts of distortion and reverb added into the mix to create a dynamic sound. However, they play the blend of dance-indie-pop mix that's been done so much before (especially in the past few years) that I'm just not really intersted in hearing anymore; even when they mix in the post-rock elements. I can think of bands that are doing it better at this time. "Coast to coast", my favourite on the album, is a nice, somewhat meandering organ-heavy track. "Ode to band" is another song that really stuck out to me, and again, it's a slower one. I feel that's where the band's strength lies, as the vocals inflections tend to relate better than on the energetic numbers, where everything feels too rushed.
- Matt Giordano

Mailorder news: re-stocks of Hello Saferide, Firefox AK and Maia Hirasawa should be arriving today along with new records from Thunder Express and They Live By Night. Check back soon! New CDs from Kristofer Åström and Laakso are ordered and supposedly on the way along with all the latest from Hybris - Montt Mardié, Vapnet, etc.

They Live By Night's new website is now open:

Musik Enligt Jerry is premiering the new They Live by Night video for the single "Factory":
Do I hear double-bass?

Razzia has confirmed the release date for Maia Hirasawa's new album "Though, I'm just me" to March 21. The first single "And I found this boy" comes out March 7. They've also pushed back the date of They Live By Night's new album "Art and wealth" to March 28. The first single "Factory" comes out February 28 and can be previewed here:

They Live By Night has confirmed that "Art and wealth" will be the title of their debut full-length album. It comes out March 14 via Razzia.

Swedish post-punks They Live By Night have decided on "Factory" as the first single from their forthcoming debut full-length. It comes out February 7 via Razzia.

They Live By Night have confirmed that their debut full-length is set for a March 14 release via Razzia Records. The first single (still tbd) will be out February 7.

They Live By Night left today for Mission Hall Studios outside Lund where they'll be recording their debut full-length album.

The tracklist for Razzia's "Oh no, it's Christmas" compilation has been finalized:

01. Konie - "Oh yeah, it's Christmas"
02. Hello Saferide - "iPod X-mas"
03. Kristofer Åström - "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus"
04. Laakso - "Merry Christmas"
05. The Thousand Dollar Playboys - "A very sepcial Christmas"
06. The Soundtrack of Our Lives - "Jingle Hell (stuck in the chimney)"
07. Dreamboy - "Christmas kisses"
08. South Ambulance - "Hangin' in a tie"
09. Firefox AK & Tiger Lou - "Christmas eve"
10. Friska Viljor - "Oh no, this is what I feared all along"
11. Maia Hirasawa - "You were all there"
12. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - "Jullåten 2004"
13. The Tiny - "No money (for X-mas)"
14. Grande Roses - "To bring back Christmas this year"
15. The Perishers - "Blue Christmas"
16. They Live By Night - "Lucia (I deserve some candles in my hair)"
17. Dogday - "Santa will never get here"
18. The Consequences - "Some kind of magic"
19. Indiekören - "Last Christmas"

Y'know that upcoming Christmas comp that Razzia is putting together? I've got a preview of the tracklist:

Firefox AK & Tiger Lou - Christmas Eve
Friska Viljor - Oh no! This is what I feared all along
Hello Saferide - iPod X-mas
South Ambulance - Hangin' in a tie
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Jullåten 2004
Laakso - Merry Christmas
The Tiny - No money (for X-mas)
Maia Hirasawa - You were all there
The Perishers - Blue Christmas
The Soundtrack of our lives - Jingle Hell (stuck in the chimney)
Consequences - Some kind of magic
Grande Roses - To bring X-mas back this year
Konie - Oh,'s christmas!
Dogday - Santa will never get there
Indiekören - Last Christmas
They Live By Night - Lucia (I deserve candles in my hair)
Dreamboy - Christmas kisses
Kristofer Åström - I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus

As you can see, some of these tracks are old and previously released (TSOOL for instance), but most are new and exclusive to this release. The exact order is still TBD and a few more tracks are due for submission, but I'll definitely be carrying it in the webstore when it's released on November 15.

They Live By Night talks about their contribution to the upcoming "Oh no... it's Christmas" compilation coming out on Razzia Records:

Now available in the webstore: various titles from Razzia including Niccokick, Timo Räisänen, They Live By Night and Hello Saferide as well as preorders for new albums from Firefox AK, Loney, Dear and the long-awaited US debut EP from David & the Citizens on NY-based label Friendly Fire! Please note that not only do you save $1 if you preorder now, but you will also recieve said CD on the day of release. Maybe even a day or two before if the postal service hauls ass. Check it out!

Upcoming releases from Razzia scheduled for 2006:

01/25 - Hello Saferide - Long Last Penpal EP (feat. Firefox AK)
02/15 - Timo Räisänen - Fear no darkness, promised child CDS
03/01 - Firefox AK - tba CD
03/29 - Timo Räisänen - I'm indian CD

Not scheduled yet: The Club, David Lindh, Thunder Express and They Live By Night.

They Live By Night - s/tThey Live By Night
Razzia Records

It took me a bit to fully grasp the five-song debut EP from Sweden's They Live By Night. I'm not sure what to compare it to. Their songs are a swirl of guitars and synth with hammering drums and bass. The first track, "Truth or dare", was a bit too Bravery-esque for me, but the subsequent tracks that follow it, such as "Saint" and "School", makes up for it and delve into the strange world of post-punk sounds made famous by a number of bands before them.
- Navy Keophan