Artist: Trojne

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Reviews: Who gives a fuck anyway? 7"
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New music from Trojne

Swedish old-school punks Trojne are back with a couple new tracks at myspace, recorded recently with frontman Mikael Borjesson's 12yo son Niklas Borjesson on drums:
In semi-related news, Mikael also has worked on some new solo stuff very much in contemporary Thäström style which can also be heard at myspace:

SMRT to reissue Noncens

SMRT Records will be following up their reissue of Trojne's "Who gives a fuck anyway?" 7" with another similar release, a reissue of Noncens 6-song 7" from 1983. I don't know much about the band, but apparently they were from Helsingborg, Sweden and only put out the one EP besides appearing on the classic "Varning för punk" compilation.

Trojne - Who gives a fuck anyway? 7Trojne
Who gives a fuck anyway? 7"
Smrt Records


It may not be the lost KBD bonzer you've been hoping for, but this reissue is still a solid example of mid-80s Swedish hardcore punk. Trojne keep it fast and furious for the three tracks on the A-side, keeping time with two-step beats and gruff shouts på Svenska. It's not quite the reckless abandon expressed by some of their beloved peers, but that's not necessarily a mark against them. I like it both ways. As for the flip, I detect a few metal crossover influences creeping in on both "Cell 37" and "Bakom galler", but the bulk of the material always remains raw and ripping even when they drift away from banging out pure power-chords. Hardly essential though that's hardly the point -- this is still a fun piece of history I'm glad to have in my collection and I'm sure everyone involved is just as stoked it's available again for new folks to discover.
- Avi Roig

Trojne reissue now available

The reissue of Trojne 7" EP "Who gives a fuck anyway?", originally released way back in 1984, is now available from Swedish upstart label SMRT Records. Head to their website for details and samples:

Swedish label SMRT Records will be doing a limited edition vinyl release of cult Swedish punk act Trojne's EP "Who gives a fuck anyway?" from 1984. Read more here: