Artist: Warvictims

Country: Sweden
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Reviews: Dogs of war 7" / Flyblown split
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New Warvictims stuff on the way

Warvictims were back in the studio for the first time since 2009 recording some new tracks for an upcoming split 12" with Dropend; full details and a few video clips here.

Warvictims on Bandcamp

Prolific/currently inactive Swedish d-beat act Warvictims are now up on Bandcamp where you can stream/download their entire 120 track discography:

Warvictims/Uncurbed split 12" sent to press

reports that the master for the upcoming Warvictims/Uncurbed split 12" is in-hand and will be sent off for pressing today, so expect it to be available about a month or two from now. Check both bands' myspace pages for samples.

Warvictims - War will end us

There's a new Warvictims track streaming at myspace from their upcoming split 7" with Suburban Showdown:

Yet another Warvictims split?

will be out a split 12" featuring Uncurbed and Warvictims. Eight tracks each, expect a January/February release.

Warvictims - Dogs of war 7Warvictims
Dogs of war 7" / Flyblown split
D-takt & Råpunk


Prolific like a weed and just as hard to exterminate, this is d-beat MOR. You've seen and heard it all before -- the black and white artwork, the songs of war and destruction -- and it's been done better, but that's kind of the point. These gents soldier forever onward to deliver, in their own words, "d-beat käng the way it was done around '95 here in Sweden and mix that with a touch of the American style which was tearing it up "overthere" around the same period of time in the '90s." A competent tribute, content to set the bar at decent and that's about it. It is what it is, nothing more.
- Avi Roig

Warvictims, Total Banxat, Besthöven and Krüel set for split LP

Scandinavian crust acts Warvictims, Total Banxat, Besthöven and Krüel are teaming up for a 4-way split LP. Norwegian label Bombs Away Records will be handling things locally, but they're also looking for someone to handle things Stateside, so if that sounds like something you'd be into, get a hold of Fofão from Besthöven.

New Warvictims tracks now streaming

Swedish crusties Warvictims are streaming two new tracks at myspace:
The band will be releasing a new 12" via Crucificados in a few months with a CD version of the same coming out via Crimes Against Humanity.

D-Takt & Råpunk to release new records from Tortyr, Warvictims and Moderat Likvidation

Via Doomsday Mag comes word that D-Takt & Råpunk Records will be releasing a new 12"/CD from Tortyr and a 7" from Warvictims in March/April. They'll also be handling the brand new Moderat Likvidation 12" "Mammutation" as well as a repress of the killer Loud Pipes album "The downhill blues" on vinyl. For more info, go here:

The self-explanatory Swedish label D-Takt & Råpunk Records has announced a bunch of upcoming releases:

Warvictims - Bellum Se Ipsum Alet 7" (May)
Skitslakt - tba 7" (June/July)
Besthöven/Warvictims - Split 7" (June/July)
Mob 47 - Back To Attack 2xCD (tba)
Raw Hate - Drunk As Fuck Existence 7" (tba)