New We Are the Storm album finished

We Are the Storm report that they are now finished with their new album "Wastelands" and are currently shopping it around for release. As mentioned earlier this summer, said album was recorded at an old theater in their hometown of Uppsala with Kristofer Jönson (Jeniferever, I Break Horses) engineering and producing before being sent off to Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) for mixing and mastering.

We are the Storm are recording

Uppsala indierockers We are the Storm have started work on their sophomore album, recording at an old theater in their hometown with Kristofer Jönson of Jeniferever producing.

MP3: Pretties For You - Silver lining

Give me an epic indierock tune with expansive pop hooks and a masterful sense of dynamics and of course I'm going to be impressed. It's a formula that can be easily codified on paper, but that doesn't mean it's so easy to replicate, though plenty of Swedish artists -- Magnus Ekelund, We Are the Storm, Pixie Carnation to name a few -- have definitely hit the mark at least once. Now add Pretties for You to the list; the title track of their new EP "Silver lining", just released today via , is a sure-fire qualifier. They take their time getting to the chorus payoff, but it's worth it.

Pretties For You - Silver lining

S:t Erik to get vinyl release 3 years later

Swedish doom act S:t Erik will finally see their 2009 debut album "From under the tarn" released on clear vinyl via American label . It's not obvious, but the band features members who have gone on to a wide variety of acts such as Jeniferever, We are the Storm, Lilla Sällskapet, Ansiktet and Maskinen.

It's a Trap! Clubnights 2012 update

I am thrilled to announce that in addition to the previously announced It's a Trap! Clubnights gigs with We Are the Storm/Helsinki Poetry (this Friday! holy shit!) and Caotico (April 13!), we will be welcoming Millencolin/The Peepshows indierock sideproject Franky Lee plus Tiger Bell to the stage of Debaser Malmö on February 17. And that's not all: we've also got Vånna Inget, EL-SD and Gamla Pengar coming down on March 16 and you know that one is gonna rule! Wish I could be there personally, but hey, maybe I'll make it over this coming summer.

Clubnights 2012

We're still over a week away from the new year, but that's not gonna stop us from unveiling the first confirmations of our 2012 It's a Trap! Clubnights! Up first on January 20, we've got Uppsala's We are the Storm plus from Denmark, the confusingly-named Helsinki Poetry. Dates in February and March are still pending, but April is already on lock with Caotico set to grace the stage! Expect more details soon!

Top 10s for 2011: Kvalität

It's a Trap! Clubnights update

It's a Trap! Clubnight update! First, We are the Storm's gig on September 24 has been cancelled, but don't worry -- bigger, better things will be happening for the band to come. Details shortly! Secondly, Like Rats From A Sinking Ship have been forced to cancel our October show, but again, there's no need to worry! Excellent Swedish noiserockers Tennis Bafra will be taking their place! Third, we'll be hosting Deathcrush from Norway in November along with Danish duo Fossils as support! Awesome! Be there!

It's a Trap! Clubnights fall update

It's a Trap! Clubnights for the fall season are starting to be confirmed and we've already got We Are the Storm coming on September 24 and then Kriget + Like Rats from a Sinking Ship on October 1. November is almost confirmed as well with a killer Norwegian act and I'll be sure to fill you in as soon as it's ready for public dissemination. Also, more crucially imminent: Into the Woods, the new band of Sara Wilson (First Floor Power, Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons), has been added to the bill on July 16 with Kajsa Grytt! If you find yourself near Malmö on any of those dates, you know where to go!

Kvalität: We Are the Storm

Watch as We Are the Storm perform "I woke up to the bells" for Kvalität. More pics here:

Quarterly report: Q12011

Quarterly report: Q12011

West Side questions We are the Storm

does the Q&A thing with We are the Storm:

We are the Storm - Galileo

At last, the proper debut single from We are the Storm, the first off their forthcoming full-length "To the North-Pole". Been looking forward to this for awhile!

We are the Storm sign with West Side, new single soon

We are the Storm have signed with and will be releasing their new single "Galileo" next week. The band's full-length debut "To the North-Pole" will follow later on down the road.

Presenting: Brother/Sister Booking Agency

Mr. Jonas Appelqvist, our esteemed IAT! colleague and the booker of our Malmö clubnight, has launched a new booking agency with his partner Sofia Qvarnström called Brother/Sister. Their initial roster, only some of Sweden's finest up-and-coming indie acts: Simian Ghost, Leaders Off, I'm Kingfisher, In These Woods, First Love, Last Rites, NAVET and We Are the Storm. Hit up their website for more info: