Artist: Wolves Like Us

Country: Norway
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
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PopMatters reviews Wolves Like Us

PopMatters reviews Norwegian heavies Wolves Like Us and is not so impressed:

Wolves Like Us - Deathless (video)

Wolves Like Us' official video for the song "Deathless", off the band's just-released album "Late love".

Wolves Like Us sign with Prosthetic

Wolves Like Us, the new Norwegian hardcore band featuring ex-members from Amulet, JR Ewing and Infidels Forever, has officially signed with . The band's full-length debut "Late love" is currently being recorded and will be out in early summer.

Musikknyheter top debutants for 2011 has compiled a list of the top 10 Norwegian artists who will be releasing debut albums in 2011:
The names:

01. Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O
02. Turns
03. Honningbarna
04. Team Me
05. Oslo Ess
06. Razika
07. Tg
08. Wolves like Us
09. Phaedra
10. Young Dreams

New 7" coming soon from Wolves Like Us

Norwegian post-hardcore act Wolves Like Us have a new 7" coming out on November 22 via :
The band features ex-members from Infidels Forever, Amulet, JR Ewing, etc. and can be previewed here: