Artist: Zeigeist

Country: Sweden
Genre: Electronic/Synth/Dance
Reviews: The Jade Motel / Bunny (mp3)
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Zeigeist is back? See here:
Looks like there's a new 7" on Spegel due out April 2.

MP3: Universal Poplab - I could say I'm sorry

Zeigeist might be no more, but that's not stopping them from releasing more remixes. Their version of Universal Poplab's "I could say I'm sorry" (off the new "Uprising - The remixes" album) shows them at their best, taking a fairly typical EBM track and upping the pop/electro aspects. Soften the edges, smooth it out, streamline it. Add some squiggly 80s electro sound effects, a bit of vocoder - retro without being overtly so, exactly the kind of thing that gained Zeigeist popularity in the first place (once you got past the clever distro scheme). It slightly diminishes the angst of the lyrics by cannibalizing the chorus, but that's fine because it's far more dancefloor-friendly as a lighthearted romp. Besides, the melody is strong enough to carry it through regardless.

Universal Poplab - I could say I'm sorry (Zeigeist remix)

Universal Poplab's upcoming remix album "Uprising - The remixes" has been confirmed for release on November 30 via Wonderland Records. Artists contributing include Zeigeist, Neuropa and Code 64.

Swedish electro/art project Zeigeist, who first came to fame by attaching a track to a leaked version of The Knife's "Silent shout", have effectively disbanded. Read more:

By any chance were you waiting for me to get copies of those new MPTP and Zeigeist 7"s out now on Spegel? Well, too bad because some dick decided to throw them away. Not that they were mis-addressed, just mis-delivered. Thanks Jim Rainwood! Not just for throwing away my package, but also for taking the time to take a picture and sending me a letter to let me know how much of an asshole you are! Cheers!

"Reader's companion" alumni MPTP will release their debut 7" on May 3 via the new label Spegel. The a-side is "Jim Morrison" and the b-side will include remixes by two excellent Swedish acts, Zeigeist and Samuraj Cities. Samples and more info:
Look for Zeigeist's debut 7" on the label as well.

In related news, Hello Saferide will be playing the Absolut Swedish Music Festival at The Village in Dublin on March 3 along with Moneybrother and Taxi, Taxi!. Other artists set to appear at the festival include Zeigeist, Samuraj Cities, Consequences, Juvelen, I'm From Barcelona and Salem Al Fakir.

Digfi interviews Zeigeist:
The article is in Swedish, but I figured I'd link it anyways since there seems to be a growing buzz about these guys stemming from their song "Tar heart" being seriptitiously distributed with some of the first leaked versions of The Knife's "Silent shout".