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The 50 Nordic candidates

The initial 50 candidates for the inaugural Nordic Music Prize have been announced:

Pitchfork reviews Go Live

Pitchfork reviews Jónsi's live album:

Jónsi - New piano song

Jónsi is giving away a new track to coincide with the release of the live CD/DVD album "Go live":

Top 10s for 2010

It's December so that means it's time once again for our annual top 10 lists! First up: John Roger Olsson of The Grand Opening/Hearts No Static/Will Gambola Sing
There's still a few slots available should any readers, in the music biz or otherwise, care to contribute -- simply get in touch and we'll work out the details.

Rökkurró - Í annan heimRökkurró
Í annan heim
12 Tónar


When talking about music, the word "Icelandic" has come to mean a lot more than where the band members hail from. With the consistently brilliant works of Sigur Rós, the talents of Mům, and Björk's wonderfully bizarre offerings, "Icelandic" has come to simultaneously define an ethereal, arctic expanse and an idiosyncratic and otherworldly landscape, with any deviations to one's conception of the term often being easily reconciled and folded into the wide-reaching designation. While "Í annan heim" may lean more towards a more traditional presentation of melancholy pop than their kinsfolk, Rökkurró will not be heralded as the band who broke the Icelandic mold, though this isn't to disparage their talents or sound. "Í annan heim" is home to quite a bit of quality songwriting, though, as a whole, the despondence is not always paired with intrigue -- the compositions, while beautiful, often pass without having convinced us to follow. The album does open up with repeated listening, and closer "Svamur" makes a strong case for one to start the album over, but I wouldn't be surprised if some never make it to those final moments -- those that find themselves wanting another pass through, however, will be happily rewarded.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

WMBR: Riding the Norse horse

There's a new Scandinavian-focused radio show on WMBR (MIT) in Cambridge, MA:
Download the last two episodes here:

By:Larm 2011 first draft picks

Nö Music has the lowdown on the first batch of Scandinavian artists confirmed for by:Larm 2011:
Glad to see Margaret Berger is coming back!

Musik med Rökkurró, First Aid Kit

Icelandic act Rökkurró plays live for PSL:
And Swedish sisters First Aid Kit do the same:

Jónsi live album on the way

Jónsi will be releasing a live film/double-album on November 29 entitled "Go live" featuring footage from his March 2010 tour dress rehearsal performance in London. Said release will include live renditions of every track off his debut solo record "Go", as well as many other songs he's been playing live, including five never-released before. Preview info at his website:

The Young Composer's Guide To Reykjavík Dining

Ólafur Arnalds takes Drowned in Sound on a restaurant tour of Reykjavík:

First draft picks for SXSW 2011

Early confirmations for SXSW 2011 include Alcoholic Faith Mission, Giana Factory, FM Belfast, Spleen United, WhoMadeWho and Those Dancing Days. Full list:

By:Larm begets the Nordic Music Prize

Inspired by the British Mercury Music Prize, the folks behind Norway's By:Larm Festival have started the Nordic Music Prize which will feature 12 international nominees competing for a €20,000 prize, with the winner to be announced at the fest on February 19. For full details, including a who's who of the jury, see here:

New music from Champagne Riot + Ja Ja Ja

Listen to some new tunes from Danish indiepoppers Champagne Riot:
The Danish/Swedish duo is also one of three acts confirmed for the November edition of Ja Ja Ja taking place on the 18th at The Lexington in London along with Niki And The Dove and Lára Rúnars.

Musik med Sudden Weather Change

Live music with Iceland's Sudden Weather Change at PSL:

Reykjavík! - Internet (video)

Here's Reykjavík! with their video for the song "Internet", sounding way more math/hardcore than I had heard from them before. Direct link: