The Setting Son - Above the rest (video)

"Above the rest" is the first single from The Setting Son's upcoming record "Before I eat my eyes & ears", due out October 8 via .

Yourspace @ Roskilde 2011 (sampler)

A selection of Copenhagen's finest indie/punk labels -- , , , , and -- join forces to compile a sampler showcasing the acts they have appearing at this year's Roskilde Festival (and beyond). If you can't find something to like here, you don't like indierock.

The Vambourines to release single on Bad Afro

will be releasing a new 7" from Danish duo The Vambourines sometime around September. Hear a demo version of the a-side "Change in direction" here:

New music from Telstar Sound Drone, On Trial

has new tunes from both On Trial and Telstar Sound Drone up for streaming at myspace:

Telstar Sound Drone 7" coming via Bad Afro

Danish act Telstar Sound Drone will be releasing a 7" on on May 30 featuring the tune "Mirror pieces" b/w "Golden needles". Preview here:

On Trial bows out

Danish rockers On Trial will be calling it quits after 25+ years with a final show at Loppen in CPH on June 3. They'll also be doing one final release, a 2x7" on featuring four tunes, two from an aborted album session and two that will end up being the band's final statement. Said release will be packaged in a gatefold hand-screened sleeve and will be limited to a one-time-only pressing of 500 copies.

Baby Woodrose demos to get LP release

will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Baby Woodrose's debut album "Blows your mind" with the release of "Mindblowing seeds & disconnected flowers", a collection of 15 original 4-tracks demos that preceded the first record. The official release date is April 25 and it will be available on both CD and LP.

Dragontears - Turn on tune in fuck off!!Dragontears
Turn on tune in fuck off!!
Bad Afro

This record is the last outing in the trilogy from Dragontears. At first listen it sounds much more rocking and less acidic than the previous two -- but that's just a scam. It starts out with "Two tongue talk" which could have been a song from the Baby Woodrose catalogue with added psychedelic effects en mass and almost excessive use of theremin. Next track "No salvation" continues in the rocking way and may probably be the closest Dragontears will ever get to an actual radio friendly hit. The song is so darn funky and swinging, it could freak out a dance floor. Besides that, it also features some of the record's greatest acidic guitar work plus phenomenally cool female background vocals by Emma Acs. After this rocking start, it's time for the slow and semi acoustic ballad "Myfriend" -- a melancholic tale about friendship and... well, life in general?! And then... well, let the chemicals kick in. "Time of no time" is a musical trip of many dimensions. It's a matrix of swirling sounds and vocals and the slightly salted tears do penetrate your cortex. This song is, without doubt, one that shows off the blueprint of what the Dragontears collective is all about. After that, we have "William" which is the only really extended track on this record, complete with all the lysergic effects one could want -- and expect! The song has a nice slow groove and a steady almost tribal drum beat that gives it the perfect monotonic, hypnotic feel. The strong and well-written lyrics are in Danish and tells us a story about the haunted mind of painter William Skotte Olsen. Finally, last track "Mennesketvilling" is another dream-catching and surreal song that strongly underlines that this is Dragontears and not just another semi-psychedelic hipster band.
- Tom Gruschy Knudsen

Dragontears - No salvation

is streaming a new Dragontears track at myspace:
The band's third and final doomsday-themed album "Turn on tune in fuck off!" will be released on November 1.

Bad Afro to repress Baby Woodrose on red vinyl

has announced that they'll be reissuing a couple OOP Baby Woodrose albums on limited vinyl on June 21: 2003's "Money for soul" and 2007's "Chasing rainbows". Both had original vinyl runs that are long gone, but this new batch will be 500 copies each on red.

Bad Afro confirms a couple 2010 releases

Danish rock'n'roll label reports that Dragontears (ex-Baby Woodrose/On Trial) are currently recording what will probably be their third and final album. It will be called "Turn on tune in fuck off" and is set for release this fall. Also on the way from the label is a collection of demos and outtakes Baby Woodrose made during recording their debut album "Blows your mind" which will feature various alternate takes of songs on the album plus a few previously unreleased cuts. The title of that one will be called "Mindblowing seeds & disconnected flowers" and it's set for a spring release.

Baby Woodrose - Chasing rainbowsBaby Woodrose
Chasing rainbows
Bad Afro


With the 80s nostalgia scene quickly becoming little more than a dance floor too crowded for much dancing or originality, it feels as though more and more bands are looking further back through the decades for relief and release. Baby Woodrose attempt a look into that strange, dark heart that fueled the psychedelic rock of the 1960s - borrowing from (and paying tribute to) bands like the Rolling Stones and Jefferson Airplane - and crafting an interesting, layered rock album in "Chasing rainbows". If you love the Stones and the soundtracks to films investigating the liminal period that the 60s and early 70s represented, "Chasing rainbows" should find its way into your collection, or at least be scrawled down on a piece of paper as a band to check out.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

The Setting Son - s/tThe Setting Son
Bad Afro


Fully embracing the dark side of 1960s psychedelic rock, The Setting Son's self-titled debut album is a strange trip, but one worth embarking on. Combining the sounds of early Rolling Stones with the very distinctive Scandinavian take on garage rock, this record doesn't take breaks and doesn't need breathers. With a Phil Spector-like approach to the layering of their music, The Setting Son build their songs from jangled, thin guitar lines, warm keys, thick organs, the deep, percussive elements of the bass and drums, and Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen's strained, fitting vocal delivery. The Black Lips sound like they have studied the approach of 60s rock bands and carefully reconstructed the delivery; The Setting Son craft their music with such youthful, raw energy that the songs feel more like lost cousins of that iconic era instead of a talented resurrection of melodies lost in time's cruel passage.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

The Defectors
Bruised and satisfied
Bad Afro


Yikes. I'm sure every niche of every genre (in this case 'psychobilly') has its fans, and at least The Defectors can play their instruments, but this is so over-the-top goofy in its schlock horror presentation that it's ghastly. It reminds me of those rote houses of horror people throw together on Halloween, the kind where they put spaghetti in bowls and tell kids it's brains. Oooh. Really creepy. Everything they do has been done so much better by others. I'll grant that they're scary, but not as they intended.
- Nancy Baym