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Caotico album gets a release date

The new Caotico album "Sunrise confessions" has been officially confirmed for release on February 22 via /.

Newkid to officially release single in May

Swedish rapper Newkid will release his new single "Gör det för" on May 10 via / with an album to follow in August. Listen at myspace:

Newkid - Newkid on the blockNewkid
Newkid on the block


With Afasi & Filthy, Lorentz & M. Sakarias, Alexis Weak and Mohammed Ali, the future of Swedish hiphop looks quite exciting. The latest promising pubescent is Newkid who recently signed to Lorentz and M. Sakarias's label Baseline, and also released the mixtape "Newkid on the block" last month. Newkid's only 18 years old which shows to some extent, especially in his lyrics (most of them are about buying sneakers, parents and other big teenage problems, all rapped/sung in Swedish), but the production is very slick and Newkid's got a very appealing flow. The lyrics might be puerile, but they are also very affable. Newkid should really become a massive star in Sweden, he's a bit like a rapping male Swedish version of Miley Curys, but ace (which I guess is almost the opposite of Miley Curys). It's not as strong as the Lorentz and M. Sakarias's "Summer in the city" or Alexis Weak's "Välkommen till Gullmarsplan" mixtapes (Lorentz and Weak feature on one song each here, two of the best songs on the tape), but it all bodes very well for the future.
Download here:
- Simon Tagestam