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Ljudbilden & Piloten/Vidderna - São PauloLjudbilden & Piloten/Vidderna
São Paulo


Can't let this one slip through the cracks. , the newly relaunched version of the label , kicked things off in fine form with their debut release, a split 12" featuring Ljudbilden & Piloten and Vidderna. The former, the musical alias of artist/animator Kristofer Ström, is someone I was already familiar with, having been a fan of the 2008 album "One hundred fifty-five", and these new tracks don't stray too far from what came before. He's still very much in ambient guitar territory, layering looped figures on top of one another with additional light accompaniment and other subtle sound effects. It makes for a very pleasant, engaging listen, even if it is more or less interchangable with his other work. Vidderna, on the other hand, is definitely a highlight. Their mellow Planet Caravan jams are 100% on-point, anchored by solid, loping basslines and copious hand-percussion. So chill you may be at risk for catching Balearia, but tempered with a different kind of energy than the standard junk that falls under such banners. Think beach bonfires after dark, not beach basking in the sun.
281 copies in minimalist packaging; surprisingly and shamefully not yet sold out. That's near-criminal under-appreciation.
- Avi Roig

Nosordo relaunches as Neosordo

Sweden-focused experimental label is relaunching as with a series of white label 12"s focusing on "interesting and exploratory sounds from Sweden and somehow-related lands from this fair planet." First up: a split pairing the excellent Ljudbilden & Piloten alongside Vidderna, another Malmö-based act. More details and preview samples here: