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Idiot Kid - Darkness in our houseIdiot Kid
Darkness in our house


Somber and brooding, an intimate and intensifying examination of life and its complications, "Darkness in our house" is a bleak effort given warmth and presence from its composers. The strength of Linus Lutti's voice is complimented by its raspy fragility, making it the perfect narrator for the windswept, empty terrains the music explores and expands into, braced when needed by Ann-Sofie Lundin's backing register. The delicate production granted to the record by Johan Berthling (The Tiny, Tape) enhances the personal element of the album, making it all the more confessional and passionate. Not necessarily a record I'd recommend listening to every day during these winter months, but Idiot Kid are definitely worth a few minutes' research if not an investment.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Santa Maria


I wanted this to be good, I wanted this to be great, so it's a shame that it's just ok. Santa Maria is Maria Eriksson from The Concretes and Heikki, which are two bands that I adore. This is a pleasant album, but too often the pleasantness drags on a bit too much and it all becomes a bit boring. The great melodies that make The Concretes and Heikki so fantastic are sadly missed. It feels like the album could have done with an energy injection at regular intervals. Maybe next time... (it took The Concretes about 8 years to become the great band they now are)
- Simon Tagestam