Here's the skinny on all of the upcoming releases in the works from Swedish rock n' roll label Bootleg Booze:

Mensen - Ready to go 7"
In time for their farewell tour we here at the Booze HQ will release two tracks from Oslo City's finest. This was supposed to happen earlier this summer, then it was off, but now it's - sadly as a goodbye, but still - on again! This 7" will include the new track "Ready to Go" b/w the Dead Moon cover "Down the Road". You have no idea on how proud we are to be the label to bring you this awesome, last offering, from Mensen. Release date: ASAP

Urrke T & the Thunderbirds 7"
As soon as Dregen has finished the Backyard Babies tour together with Velvet Revolver at the end of August, Urrke (Maryslim), Dregen (Backyard Babies), Robban E (Hellacopters) and Måns M (Maggots) will enter the studio. They will record two, at this point secret, good old punk hits from '77 for the exclusive and sensational Bootleg Booze 7" with Urrke T & the Thunderbirds! Expect an extraordinary and great recording, and in true Bootleg Booze spirit - awesome coverart and of course something extra for the dedicated punkrockers. A future classic! Release date: TBA

Bad Machine/V8 Wankers split 7"
Two fully charged full-throttle motorpunk bands sharing this extremely hot double action piece of wax! Both bands has recorded and the cover is currently being worked on. Planned release when the bands hit their tour together this fall. More info will follow. Release date: November

The Accidents - Dead guys 7"
Why change a winning concept? When one of the best bands and the best label in the World has found each other there's no point not to continue to work on that is there? This time The Accidents will record some favorite cover tracks of their dead heroes, and our guess is that it won't be of any recently passed away giants. Those of you who attented this years Arvikafestival got a taste of what's to come. More info will follow. Release date: TBA

The Deadbeats - Long hard nights CD/LP
Our 2nd release from one of the best kept rock-secrets in Sweden. We love this band so why not make our 2nd full-length with them? The band is currently recording their material and artwork/layout is being planned. CD out this fall. LP coming later.

Puffball - Picture disc 7"
Yeah we know, we've been going on about this one forever. It was originally meant to be out before the Accidents LP actually but various issues keep delaying it. But fear not, it IS coming eventually.