Profile: Kazakstan

Name: Kazakstan

From: Göteborg, Sweden

Sounds like: Ambitious, experimental pop.

Listen: Julien

2006 - s/t (Katalyst)


This is the first great release for the second half of 2006. I had absolute no expectations when I got this CD in the mail, so it's even more exciting for me that it's so damn good. The band's songwriting roots are definitely grounded in good ol' folk/pop, but the arrangements and full scope of the record are far, far bigger. The kind of thing that might not make much of an impression on first listen, but proves to be increasingly rewarding on subsequent listens.

Who are you and where are you from? How did you guys all meet?

We're all the sum of some kind of musical childhood and with the same ambition to make a difference, whether it's political or musical. Erik is the son of a oldschool kind of farmer with roots in Fjäråsbräcka. Tom and Johan are brothers and live together in Gothenburg. Joachim is from the same birthplace as Tom and Johan outside Gothenburg. Tom and Johan have always been playing music together but Johan joined Kazakstan most recently. Erik, Tom and Joachim studied at the same school and discovered they had more in common than just their good looks. So we started the band Kazakstan.

What makes you special? Why should anyone care about Kazakstan?

We're not in to that whole image thing that all new bands seem to be. We do our music without any intentions to sound like this or that. We do what feels right to us and we know people can appreciate that. Our music is very emotional and private in a way since the lyrics are based on real events and real feelings.

What are you addicted to?

I (Tom) feel being addicted to something is not living to the fulllest. A couple of years ago I had really long hair, but I felt addicted to it, so I cut it off. But I guess you can say our addiction as a band is to always get a kick out of the music we play. Wow, that was really cliché.

What inspires you?

Well, I (Tom) don't really listen to music anymore, I'm just too picky. We've heard we sound like David and the Citizens and my voice appearently sounds like Bright Eyes. But to be honest, I've never actually listened to them, but now that people told me this I've listened to them some and really, they're not that good. So in the future I'll try to not sound like them.

Since the season will be over before we know it, what is your best summer memory?

The releaseparty was a real milestone and a huge success and I (Erik) guess I'll always remember that. My best memory from this summer was when I (Joachim) called up a cabdriver from my job and he told me he couldn't come 'cause he had diarrhea and he'd been sitting in the woods for an hour.

What would you be doing with your life if you weren't playing music?

Well, Johan (the drummer) is already into film and is actually at the moment finishing a short movie he's written and directed. I'd (Tom) probably do something related to movies as well. Maybe photography. Actually, I think I would live in Laos growing my crops and just taking it real easy.

Lastly, what are Kazakstan's future plans?

We're actually looking for two girls to sing with us since the last two had too many other bands, so there wasn't enough time for us. Other than that we just plan to rule the planet. And hopefully go on tour with Christina Milian, that'd be great!