Video mix: Katatonia, Nikola Sarcevic, Munck//Johnson, Frida Hyv÷nen, Thomas Dybdahl, more...

Katatonia - Deliberation
Really looking forward to seeing these guys tonight for the first time ever. Not only are they one of my favorite bands, but their recommendations have led me to many more other amazing acts. (AR)

Logh - The contractor and the assassin
Someone's posted a Logh video previously, but that won't stop me from recommending this neat video and marvellous song, from my favourite Logh album ("The raging sun"). (ST)

Various Artists - Venn
It's like a Norwegian "We are the world"! (AR)

Nikola Sarcevic - Soul for sale (live on Swedish TV)
From a Swedish morning TV show. Nikola playing a nice little song from his latest album. (ST)

Munck//Johnson - This time
Emotionally brutal and sparse, just like their music. (AR)

Laakso - Aussie girl
One of the most party hard bands in Sweden ľ Laakso fronted by Pete Doherty-esque Markus Krunegard are now (one way or another) available in three languages... (JC)

Frida Hyv÷nen - The modern
Great video. Great song. Great artist. Buy her album! (ST)

Thomas Dybdahl - B A part
Latest single from his new album "Science". Quite possibly Norway's best current singer/songwriter - understated and lovely. (AR)

.:Who's who?

JC: Jason Christie
AR: Avi Roig
ST: Simon Tagestam