MyFriends: The Deed, Hymns from Nineveh, In a City By the Sea, The Mymmelins, Twin Piloda

This time out, I'm all about sideprojects.

The Deed
SOUNDS LIKE: The guys from Iisole are involved in a bazillion different projects so here's one featuring Martin Nilsson. Like his main band, this is definitely in the melancholic (post-)rock realm (think: Logh), but a bit more laid back.
HIGHLIGHTS: All three tracks are great, you only gotta give 'em time to reveal themselves

Hymns from Nineveh
SOUNDS LIKE: Devotional music from Jonas Petersen of Danish act Attrap. Take it from a non-Christian - this is very well done.
HIGHLIGHTS: Rejoicingalongsong, A tired man sings abide

In a City By the Sea
SOUNDS LIKE: More melancholic musings, this time from Mikael Kærsgaard of Munich, a band who happens to be good friends with the aforementioned Attrap. Again, quite nice.
HIGHLIGHTS: He's allright [sic], Shipwrecks

The Mymmelins
SOUNDS LIKE: Fun's younger, grungier brother.
HIGHLIGHTS: Vompat disco, Conflict in the backyard

Twin Piloda
SOUNDS LIKE: High quality pop from Måns Wieslander, a man best known to me for his work with Moonbabies.
HIGHLIGHTS: Shut up and wave, Cousin evil