They Live By Night - Art and wealthThey Live By Night
Art and wealth
Razzia Records


One thing I cannot fault They Live By Night with is that the production value here is superb, with the right amounts of distortion and reverb added into the mix to create a dynamic sound. However, they play the blend of dance-indie-pop mix that's been done so much before (especially in the past few years) that I'm just not really intersted in hearing anymore; even when they mix in the post-rock elements. I can think of bands that are doing it better at this time. "Coast to coast", my favourite on the album, is a nice, somewhat meandering organ-heavy track. "Ode to band" is another song that really stuck out to me, and again, it's a slower one. I feel that's where the band's strength lies, as the vocals inflections tend to relate better than on the energetic numbers, where everything feels too rushed.
- Matt Giordano