Bad Taste Records


It has gone full circle so to speak. I absolutely adored the debut album "Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings", released in 2001 for the band's introverted indierock mixed with atmospheric soundscapes. Rock suitable for a motion picture soundtrack. On "North", the band reveals qualities not shown since that first full-length. Despite the fact that it took some time to reconcile with the record this time, you've got to hand it to these guys as they've done it again! This time, it's a more focused record with no dead spots. A true masterpiece. Gone are the flirtations with the post-rock scene and Mathias Oldén once again proves himself to be a great songwriter. "The raging sun" and "A sunset panorama" are great albums as well, no doubt about that, but now it has all fallen into place. Considering songs like "Saturday nightmares" (the first single from the record, do check out the amazing video as well), "The black box" and "Thieves in the palace", Logh should be acknowledged by a wider audience.
- Jonas Appelqvist