From the sea
Dreamboat Music

Galento, a Swedish act who are brave enough to cheerfully explore the mostly uncharted terrain where instrumental pop/rock and film music overlap, have done themselves proud on this new release. "From the sea" is a real charmer of a disc, avoiding formula at almost every turn and providing a soundtrack for almost any soft-focus scenario you choose to imagine. Me, I pretended I was driving around some small village in a foreign country, occasionally getting disoriented but always reassured by the smiling faces of the locals. The film music influence is obvious: you can hear strains of Angelo Badalamenti on "Gunnar Hardings Paraply" (which is genuinely hypnotic with its repeated dreamy horns and surreal ambiance) and a touch of Morricone on the short, but evocative, keyboard-laden "She was an excellent driver". The 12-minute "2005... and the moon still turns the tide" is the obvious highlight, and I've coined the word 'psychedelicate' to describe this lush, panoramic, constantly changing moodscape. This isn't rock music, but it's definitely compelling, stirring aural scenery, with something new around each bend. I could've done without the occasional spoken word interludes on this disc, but that minor grumble aside, this is rather warm, transfixing music perfect for kicking back in your recliner to, or for complementing a scenic drive through unfamiliar territory--which pretty much sums up what this lovely recording is.
- Kevin Renick