Who's in the band Glasson? Where are they from? I have no idea, but I'm OK with that. In this era of everyone having a Myspace page for his or her 47 side projects, it's refreshing to be listening to a band about whom I know absolutely nothing. It adds some intrigue. Anyway, about half of this demo EP consists of mid-tempo rock which is mostly forgettable. The singer has a rather distinctive voice which sounds a bit awkward on the mid-tempo songs. The other half, happily, dips into Nuggets-style 60s garage with gleeful abandon. Take opener "Alpha male," for instance. Over a fast riff the singer exclaims, "I am the alpha male! Hip-hip-hip-hip-hooray!" while the other band members shout some falsetto "whoo hoos" and the drummer tries to keep up. Maybe Glasson will stick to the garage-rock angle and stay in the shadows. We need more Strangeloves and ? and the Mysterians these days.
- Matthew W. Smith