Billie the Vision & the Dancers - I used to wander these streetsBillie the Vision & the Dancers
I used to wander these streets
Love Will Pay The Bills


After last year's uneven "Where the ocean meets my hand", Billie and his band of twee warriors have returned with what is easily their most consistent album, and also their best. Most notably, the band has added a proper drumkit this time around, and the time was ripe for such a maneuver, as bongos can only take you so far (even Guster realized this one). The drums, therefore allow their songs to groove like they haven't done before, thus "Lily From the Middleway Street" and "Swedish sin" are great, driving songs. And with "I miss you" and "Relay race", the band has given us their most affecting work since "Ghost". After a bit of a lull, it's great to see Billie the Vision and the Dancers back on their game.
- Matt Giordano