Moloken - We all face the dark aloneMoloken
We all face the dark alone
Discouraged Records


Glad to hear someone emulating "Souls at zero"-era Neurosis rather than that band's monolithic, latter-day sound. Do that and you're only setting yourself up to fail. Instead, we're treated to crusty metal that's totally bass-driven with a similarly progressive, apocalyptic bent and a strong hardcore rooting. But no, not the usual mid-tempo sludge, thank goodness. They've got a healthy dose of northern darkness too, though I wouldn't put them up against the mighty Breach yet. Anyhow, this EP consists of one epic 15-minute track broken into three sections and while the rhythm section is exceptionally strong, the guitars and vocals don't add much more than texture. At least they're buried in the mix behind the bass because that's where Moloken shines. Gnarly tone, too -- like a cross between Man is the Bastard and Rush. I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.
- Avi Roig