MP3: Mechanical Bird - A secret reply

Mechanical Bird are another BSBTA-affiliated band like the Dear Elaines, 'cept that these guys fare much better with the lofi/DIY sound. Intentions are a big factor, as this sounds much more like a product of circumstance than an aesthetic choice. In other words, they did the best they could with the equipment they have as opposed to deliberately trying to obfuscate the sound. It also helps that it's a heckuva lot easier to capture a lone singer/songwriter on tape than a full band so they've got that advantage as well. It's also worth noting that the packaging on this disc is superb. The drawings, printing and even the choice of paper stock are a perfect match to the music. As for the music itself? Paul Bredenberg's review describes it well. The vocals + acoustic guitar base place it in country/folk territory, but there's far more ambiance than one would usually expect. The opening bird sounds, the creaking and other background noises - it's all very evocative and helps to elevate the material above its peers. Not to mention the incredible display of restraint and, as Paul pointed out, precision. Well done.

Mechanical Bird - A secret reply