MP3: Basshunter - Jingle bells

I figure that since I've already dug myself into a bit of a hole with yesterday's Bamse post, I might as well continue on with another song that'll have most every Swede who reads this thing rolling their eyes. I'm telling this to you as a straight-up fact: Basshunter is onto some serious next-level shit. I cannot believe something so unbelievably, undeniably nerdy has made it as a huge success. A song about a love affair with an IRC bot set to some of the most boneheaded, formulaic technopop ever? Genius! Follow it up with a song about pwning n00bs in a mmorpg? My mind is blown! How the fuck did this find pop crossover success? It's the kind of thing I thought only Something Awful goons and the like could appreciate. However, it's so damn ridiculous, I can't help but love it. The comparison might be lost on some of y'all, but I see it like this: Basshunter is kind of like the geek version of Hatebreed. The music is so predictable, yet so good. They've got their act down to a science. Now if you want to get even more next-level, check out the "DotA" video with l33tsp34k subtitles. I could watch that all day on repeat laughing stupidly to myself. Seriously: Basshunter is brilliant. I'm not kidding. And since I hate Christmas, I've got his version of "Jingle bells" for you today. Enjoy! Or don't! I don't care!

Basshunter - Jingle bells