MP3: Sonores - Jonathan

I'm anticipating that I will be totally exhausted and preoccupied on Tuesday morning since my friends from Kayo Dot are staying over while on tour, so I'm writing this on Monday afternoon. They're not Scandinavian, but I still highly recommend that you check 'em out regardless. They make the kind of progressive music that truly transcends boundries. Radiohead is a mere rockband by comparison. Don't believe me, click on that link and check out their myspace profile. Verses? Choruses? Don't be so narrowminded. In a lot of ways, the music of Sonores reminds me of Kayo Dot. Sonores doesn't really ever get all that heavy, but their chord voicings and unique sonic textures give me the same kinds of chills. It's that sinister undercurrent that does it to me, as well as the fact that their music is both evocative and intellectually stimulating. Kayo Dot is often far more overtly distressing, but the band's softer passages conjure up the same feelings. It's music that's not easily pinned down by tags according to genre though you may find other music with similar emotional attributes. It's a record I feel very strongly about, a no-brainer as a pick for October's album of the month. Seriously, if you don't like this, we may need to reevaluate our friendship.
Buy "Elefanten": [click here]
(Update: the dudes didn't actually sleep here last night, but man am I tired. Staying up 'till 3am gets harder the older I get. Amazing show though. "_____ on limpid form" was a definite highlight.)

Sonores - Jonathan