MP3: The Hives - Main offender

Having mentioned The Hives in passing yesterday, I figure it's as good a time as any to to make them my Friday flashback post. I've only seen them once and it was on their first US tour supporting The (International) Noise Conspiracy. The band had already started to gather a decent amount of hype in the UK at that point, but were still mostly unknown in the States. A few radio stations had started to playlist them, but that's it. The crowd, outside of myself and a maybe a few other folks, were totally ignorant about the band. They were there for t(I)NC and never knew what hit 'em. All I know is that t(I)NC must've been majorly bummed that tour because I'm sure they got shown up each and every single night. No amount of mic twirling from Dennis could've saved things for them. The Hives ruled the night and, after that tour, everyone in the world knew it. So here's a live track from that era, recording live by Swedish Radio at the Brixton Academy in 2002.

The Hives - Main offender (live)