MP3: Munck//Johnson - The streets

I loved Munck//Johnson the very first moment I heard them. Their haunting, stripped-down sound proves the maxim that less is more. Just like Carpet People, one of my other most favorite downer-acts, I find that musical simplicity works best to convey raw emotion. And also like with Carpet People, Munck//Johnson was an easy choice for inclusion in the "Reader's companion" series. I don't have copies of their latest work "Count your blessings" in stock quite yet, but they are on the way and should be here any day now. In the meantime you can download their latest single "The streets" from the mp3 playlist today, buy "Reader's companion volume two" for the track "Slavesong" (and all the other good stuff contained therein), buy buy their split 7" with fellow Danes Pluto or purchase mp3s of their first album "Unlike you" (CDs coming soon as well). All of which are highly recommended, of course.

Munck//Johnson - The streets