MP3: Hell on Wheels - Big day coming

I do get some relief today - Jason Christie has kindly provided us with this week's Friday oldie post:

The origin of this track is essentially a horrible record, a horrible cover, and but with the energy of music has never ceased to get my goat enough to make it stand tall in the classic bracket. Now we are talking about two excellent bands: BCQ and Hell on Wheels.
The original was a song released almost 5 years ago [when I was stuck to a desk in a news agency spending days and hours trying to sell stories I was too bored to die]. "Big day coming" was contained on the band's "Outcast" album a stellar disc. The sort of disc which makes MP3s redundant. We like albums. When did you last buy one chapter of a book? This cover is similar in feel to the original: raw, one take and totally unpolished it's scruffy, and 2:30 long perfect. If this don't charge you for the weekend, try crack cocaine.

Hell on Wheels - Big day coming