MP3: Mew - Why are you looking grave?

Today's mp3 comes from Mew, the latest act hyped for international success out of Denmark. Simon Thibaudeau found the helium-infused vocals to be too much of a Flaming Lips rip in his review, but I prefer to liken the band to other intelligent rock acts such as mid-period Radiohead or maybe heavier acts such as Tool and Dredg. I'm not saying they all sound alike, but rather that they share many similar characteristics such as uneven time signatures and polyrhythms and the tendency towards cinematic soundscapes. Mew doesn't get all that heavy outside of the bombastic intro track on the new album "And the glass handed kites" and because of that, I think they could appeal to listeners on both sides of the fence. It's as epic as any power-metal, but with more of a feminine touch. I'm not really a fan of Dinosaur Jr. (indierock heresy, yes I know), but the guest vocals on this track from J. Mascis are superb in context. His gravelly delivery is a perfect counterpoint to Jonas Bjerre's light and airy voice.

Mew - Why are you looking grave?