MP3: Marvins Revolt - Bugs in time

Danish act Marvins Revolt may have pared down to three members, but they certainly haven't streamlined their sound. They've taken that noiserock/post-punk they were doing and taken way further out into prog territory. More notes, more starts, more stops, and yes, more better. I'm not totally crazy about the ricky-ticky opening of this particular track, but there's so many other great moments, I forget about the weak beginning. Like when those keys come in and offset the guitar/bass riff until they all come cascading down together, leading back into the second verse. Or whatever you'd call that part as this definitely isn't verse/chorus type rock'n'roll. Also, the way they kick it up a notch soon thereafter, altering the parts just enough to build the excitement. The best part however, is the end. That's when the endlessly cycling guitar riff starts up over the odd drumbeat that seems to lack a clear downbeat. Then the bass and vocals slowly come back in, taking the lead and creating a tumultuous polyphony. Just when you think they'll go to a fade-out, they wrap it up in a neat little package. Well done!

Marvins Revolt - Bugs in time