MP3: Björn Kleinhenz - We will burn

Our usual Friday programming is being preempted yet again because I've got a brand new netrelease from my good friend Björn Kleinhenz! Even better, it's a split release with fellow Swedish singer/songwriter (and tour partner) Winter Took His Life! Eight songs, four each - originally released on cassette by Froggi Records for their German tour last month. Go here or here to download or, if you're skeptical, keep reading. Huge thanks to the artists and the label for making this happen!

Picking a track to highlight a new netrelease is hard, especially when I feel like they are all required listening, but pick a song I must. If you downloaded my recent podcast, you've already heard "China blue", a song I find to be achingly beautiful in a quiet, sombre way. Perfect for a fall mix, but not necessarily the "hot" single. My temptation is to go with an upbeat, poppy number like "The best days of my life", however I think it's best to split the difference, so I've decided showcase "We will burn". It reminds me of sitting on Björn's deck in Göteborg and listening to him sing. He's got such a great natural presence that there's no need for extra accoutrements. I'd even say that Therése Kjellvander excellent backing vocals could be considered superfluous. I also like songs that tell a story and the way it captures such a specific moment in time is absolutely superb.

I've expressed it before, but it really can't be said enough: the biggest highlight of my trip to Göteborg in August was meeting face-to-face with all the various people I've been in contact with over the years of running this site and chief among them is Mr. Björn Kleinhenz. Not only is he a fantastic artist, he is also an incredibly kind and generous person. Thanks again for your hospitality - I am forever in debt to you!

Björn Kleinhenz - We will burn